Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Review

Have you ever found yourself “pulling your hair out” because your child will not sit down and work with you? It can be very frustrating for all parties involved. But it doesn’t have to be! Children like to have fun while they learn! The trick can be finding things that will keep their attention AND … Read more

Music and the Classroom: Joyful Learning

music and the classroom

  Have you ever been in a room full of children and instruments? The result is generally a lot of movement and noise! Children love to play with things that can be shaken, hit, or otherwise made to produce sound. If you’re wondering “why music?” then hop on over and read The Value and Importance … Read more

Social Skills Activity Products

Make Things Happen

There are many exciting products out there that offer learning experiences for our children! This page includes a few supportive products based on my previous articles about social skills. I’d highly recommend reading them so the things I mention below make sense! Delightful Social Skills Activities for Kids! 9 Essential Social Skills for Kids- Success … Read more

Delightful Social Skills Activities for Kids!

Social Skills-two boys laughing

Social Skills are an important part of children’s growth and development. How can we make it a more exciting learning experience? Through activities of course! Try these social skills activities for kids. Kids love to be involved in doing things. It’s like wrapping the learning up in a fun activity wrapper. The whole experience is … Read more