How Do You Teach Your Child to Read?

Reading. That magical thing that whisks you away with tales of lands near and far, right from your living room couch. For you, reading this is likely something you can now do automatically. But back in the day it probably wasn’t the case! Learning to read is a fundamental part of a child’s development and … Read more

Unique and Creative Building Blocks for Kids

building blocks for kids

You can never go wrong with building blocks, they are classic toys that have provided hours of educational fun for many kids! From creative thinking to math skills and more, building blocks can offer educational benefits on many different levels. Check out these fun blocks, some of which offer a little twist to the classic … Read more

Five Senses Activities- Fun you can taste!

Click on the word to jump to the activities for that sense. 🙂 Touch Sight Hear Smell Taste We have five senses we use to explore and understand the world around us. As you well know, those are touch, sight, hear, smell, and taste. We use each sense with different parts of our body, which … Read more

7 Fantastic Musical Instruments for Toddlers

creative toys for toddlers-musical instruments for toddlers

Your first thought may be along the lines of, “oh no, something else that makes noise?!” The short answer, yes! But before you run away, hear me out! Your kiddos most likely quite enjoy banging and clanking things together. The mere act of it can be exciting, but add in the resulting sound combinations and … Read more

What’s the Scoop on Toy Musical Instruments?

Musical Instruments for Toddlers- bear with a guitar

Are you wondering why you should provide toy musical instruments for your children? What’s the big deal with musical toys? Music is one thing that can bridge any gap culture, language, beliefs, etc. Find more insight here on The Value and Importance of Music for Children. Now for the real reason you are here, what’s … Read more