27 Home Activities For Kids

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Occasionally we get stuck indoors, it’s just how life goes sometimes! It may be crazy weather outside, a virus that is spreading (obviously this option is far less common but it is certainly happening now- as of March 2020!), or a myriad of other events that change our daily routine. These 27 Home Activities for Kids will help chase the blues away and enjoy being indoors together!

#1 Build a Fort

Gather up blankets, furniture (chairs, couches, etc), jackets (they can be tossed over little hole openings!) and whatever other handy supplies and build a fort in your front room. Throw them together and suddenly you have an adventure on your hands! Crawl in there with your child and play along! You could even jazz it up a bit and have a lunch picnic inside your newly created fort.

Home Activities for Kids- crawling in a fort
Home Activities for Kids-kids in a fort

#2 Boom Boom Down the Stairs

Say what?? This is an activity from my growing up years! My siblings and I would gather up a bunch of blankets and pile them at the bottom of the stairs. Then we’d climb to the top and “boom boom” or ride down the stairs on our bellies with our hands stretched above our heads.

If you want to get really tricky- grab a slippery blanket and ride it down, it speeds the ride up quite a bit;) We’d also go “boom boom” without blankets, footie pajamas was another favorite. This kept us entertained for hours!

Watch the videos below for fun examples!

#3 Bowling- Water Bottle Style

Set up empty water bottles in whatever formation you’d like (it may depend on how many you have). Use a ball or something that rolls fairly easily to knock them down. Have different contests to see who can knock the most down in one shot, who can get the closest without knocking any down (or the least amount) or who can do a trick before throwing a ball and still knock them down. (Tricks could include spinning in a circle, hopping up and down, balancing on one foot, etc.)

#4 Bake and Decorate Cookies

Sugar cookies are the best for this because the decorating options are unlimited! Make some easy frosting, add some color, and boom you’ve got options! Additional decorating hits include sprinkles, edible eyeballs (haha) and edible gel for writing/drawing.

Home Activities for Kids- decorated sugar cookies

#5 Freeze Dance

Turn on you favorite tunes and get dancing! Make sure to freeze in place when the music stops. In my classroom, anyone that was caught still moving after the song ended was ‘out’ for the rest of that game. Depending on how many people (kiddos) you are playing with, this could be an option! It goes quickly and they are back in before they know it.

#6 Stack It Tall

Build different types of towers! This could be done using building blocks, pillows, stacking cups, cans, boxes, or whatever other items you have lying around the house. For more fun options, take a look at Unique and Creative Building Blocks for Kids

#7 Rice Krispie Treats

Make rice krispie treats. My go to recipe includes rice krispie cereal, butter and marshmallows and voila you have a tasty, mold-able treat! Another delicious alternative to regular marshmallows is to use colored marshmallows. You can also use other cereals like Cocoa Krispies, Fruity Pebble and Lucky Charms. Use molds to create different shapes or animals then allow them time to set before eating. A commonly known fact among my family and friends is that I LOVE marshmallows of all kinds, so this is always a favorite treat for me!

Home Activities for Kids- rice krispies

#8 Playdough

There are so many great things to do with play dough! Create a whole village of little people, buildings, and supplies. Read a book then create the characters, things, or places with your child using the play dough. Roll out numbers that represent an equation with little rolled balls of play dough representing the quantity and then roll out the answer. Form letters and words.

#9 Read-a-thon

Read read read! There are so many great stories to read! Throw down a blanket (or better yet, read in a fort) grab a snack and get to reading!

Some variations could include: Everyone chooses a different book and then takes turns reading their book (or having it read) out loud. You could get creative and suggest that everyone chooses a book that has a similar topic IE. animals, places, etc.

Yet another variation could be to invite everyone to read a book then summarize what it was about. That last activity would depend on your child’s age and independent reading ability.

#10 Get Crafty!

Sometimes during an indoor recess or at my house with nieces and nephews, they have enjoyed just creating something of there own. I provide things like paper, crayons, markers, glue, stickers, and glitter (when I’m feeling brave!) and they go to town! The creative wheels really get turning and the things they come up with are quite impressive! Be prepared to see these things hanging on your fridge or in your child’s bedroom. They are often proud of their crafty accomplishments:)

#11 Finger Painting

This could be done using child safe paint, shaving cream, or if you’d like it to be edible- pudding! It is rare to find a child who doesn’t love getting their fingers/hands dirty while creating a beautiful masterpiece. Roll out the paper and let the creating begin! Having a variety of colors is great. You could also make a fun card or craft using your child’s hand or foot prints. If you’d prefer to make your own paints, these are great homemade finger painting recipes from fun-stuff-to-do.com.

Home Activities for Kids-girl finger painting

#12 Write a Story

Depending on your child’s age, invite them to write a story about anything they want! It could be about something they’ve experienced or just a completely made-up-for-fun type of story. With younger children, ask them what they would like to ‘write’ about and you be the scribe.

#13 Play Card Games

Some tried and true options: Uno, Memory, Skip-Bo, Go Fish, War (using numbered cards, see who can get the most cards by playing the highest number!).

Home Activities for Kids- Uno Games

#14 Play Group Games

Duck Duck Goose, musical chairs, Button Button whose got the button? This game may be less commonly known, but it’s a fun one I remember playing with my grandma growing up! See instructions for Button Button Whose Got the Button? game here.

#15 Name That Tune

If you have the musical ability, play out a few notes from well-known tunes. Invite your kids to guess which song it is. Continue to add more notes (usually 1-2 at a time) until they figure it out! If you’re not so musically inclined, use some familiar songs on your phone, computer, etc and play the first few notes.

Home Activities for Kids-kids singing

#16 Singing Songs

This one is basically self-explanatory, singing can lighten any day! Some entertaining and interactive songs: “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands” “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” “Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”

#17 Window Watching

Sometimes kids get a kick out of just people watching (I mean really, who doesn’t?!) Open the blinds up and watch for animals, people, cars, and airplanes. Count how many of each you see!

#18 Hide-and-Seek

Oh the good old game of hide-and-seek. Choose someone to be “it” and run to hide as the counting begins! Find creative ways to hide, even just for the laugh 😉

Home Activities for Kids- child hiding

#19 Sorting

Pull out a variety of items, whatever you have on hand, and let your child discover different ways to sort the items. This could potentially be by color, shape, size, or another clever way your child comes up with. Some suggested items you could use could be: buttons, Tupperware/lids, cups, Legos, books, or toys.

#20 Color Away

Let your child color from a printed coloring book, coloring pages, or a fresh blank page they can create all on there own. Encourage them to draw a picture using a pen or marker, then color it in with crayons!

Home Activities for Kids-child coloring with crayons

#21 Toss ’em Down

Gather items that won’t damage your walls, but that would be fun to see tumble down the stairs! Slinky, bouncy balls, soft toys, etc. Then go to the bottom of the stairs and see how high you can throw them back towards the top! See if you can land on a step near the top without having it bounce or roll back down.

#22 Mail It Off!

Invite your child to write a letter, make a card, and/or draw a picture and send it off to a relative or friend. It is always fun to get unexpected mail that brings a smile to your face and cheers your day!

Home Activities for Kids- child drawing

#23 Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt with various locations around the house that include clues at each spot to help your child figure out where to go next. Make sure to have a fun surprise at the end. Let the searching begin! Another fun option could be to have an older child create the scavenger hunt for your younger kiddos.

#24 Hot Lava!

Use a soft ball or balloon. Sit or stand in a circle and gently hit the ball or balloon when it comes near you. Don’t let it touch the ground! You could easily turn this into a review game as well. Every time someone hits the ball (or balloon) say a letter of the alphabet or start counting up. Start over when the ball touches the ground and try again to beat your highest total!

Home Activities for Kids- balloons

#25 Balloon Tennis

Blow up several balloons. Mark your ‘net’ space. This could be done by putting chairs up in the middle of a room and having people stand on both sides. Toss the balloon and hit it back and forth, home tennis!

#26 Percussion Pros

Grab a pot/pan with a spoon and you have an instant drum! Easily do the same with buckets, sticks, and any other supplies you find around the house that can be used for hitting, banging, and clanking together. Jazz it up by turning on some music and try to follow the rhythm on your own set of “drums.”

#27 Homemade Pinata

Party time, anyone?! If you are looking for a way to really have fun and mix things up, create your own pinata! I’m sure your kids would love to help create it, though they may love even more breaking it open and finding yummy treats or little toys inside!

Check out the video below for ideas on how to make your own pinata!

What are your “go-to” activities on a rainy day? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. These are fantastic ideas! This shows so many things we can do with our children and grandchildren during times that seem to be challenging and can lighten up the atmosphere and give hope to each of us for a brighter future.

  2. These are great ideas and I like that they are engaging and not just looking at a screen which can be really mind dulling. They are creative, fun and mentally stimulating. Excellent!

  3. This post can’t be more timely. My son is at home, schools are closed. Thanks to the corona virus. wifey is working from home. I too have to work. I hope he will find some of these activities entertaining and leave us to work for a few hours 🙂

    • I hope the activities will work as well! That is tough to have you and your wife both needing to work from home and keep kids happy. These are crazy times, I hope these activities will help your son have fun while you both get some work done!

  4. Thank you, Heidi,
    I loved this article, you brought me back to when I was a kid. Many of these games I also played and I still play with my daughters too. Also, My first drum set was made out of pots and pans with some boxes. I never read a story in a fort so I think I will give it a go. I love this website since I love family and I believe many of us have to rediscover the value of it again.
    I live in Italy and because of the coronavirus, we are now stuck in the house. This article is very relevant for this season ;). Thanks
    Wish you the best.

    • That is so fun you can relate to many of these activities! Yep, a popular first drum set- pots and pans! I’d love to hear how your fort story reading goes. I hope your daughters will have fun with these activities as you are stuck in the house right now, that is no fun but could be a great opportunity to spend time together as a family! Best of luck as you wait out the virus and build your family unity!

  5. Dear Heidi
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show parents where to start and what steps to take towards their kids dream-like childhood. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    • Thank you Andrey! I hope to share it out as well. There are many fun ways for kids to learn a variety of skills and to just enjoy the process. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I really must admit you shared some creative home activities for kids, and many of them I can remember doing myself as a little boy. This is an awesome article especially for new parents, so I am going to for sure share this with my friends and family with little tikes of their own

    Where are the cookie and Rice Krispy recipes?


    • There are some classics included here! Many great memories have been made through these activities! Please do share it to anyone who could benefit, I’d love for others to have fun together and help create more memories. There are many fun recipes for sugar cookies and rice krispy treats, I’d recommend googling them and choose one that sounds yummy to you! (It also helps to see different recipes so you can choose one that matches the ingredients you already have on hand haha).

  7. Hi, Heidi.
    As you indicated in your article, there are a lot of potential risks playing outside these days. COVID19 is hitting all over the world, and letting our children staying outside is not a good idea. I am currently living in South Korea. All the schools, including kindergartens, have been closed for the last three weeks in Korea. The closure will be extended for another two or three weeks. There will be a lot of frustrated parents who need to take care of their kids.

    Among the 27 home activities you introduced, I noticed that my daughter could enjoy some of them. My daughter is spending a lot of time with her nephew and niece these days. My daughter and my niece are 4-years-old, and my nephew is 2-years-old. All of them cannot read yet, and my nephew still cannot follow the instruction of most activities. Still, they can play some of the activities, and your list gave me some ideas.

    My favorite items are 5, freeze dance, 16. Singing songs, 18. Hide-and-Seek, 24. Hot Lava, and 25. Balloon Tennis. I will also think of more activities using balloons. Thank you for your suggestions.

    • There are restrictions all over the world, which has made for some crazy times. I live in the United States and all of the schools within my state are closed for at least 2 weeks. I’m glad this list gave you some good ideas, hopefully it’ll give some fun options for your daughter, niece, and nephew.
      Great choices on the activities! I agree, there are tons of fun things to do with balloons!

      Happy indoor playing! 🙂


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