31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids

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There come times that we just need some new ideas. Well, today is your lucky day… Here you’ll find 31 Creative Activities for Kids with smiles to be found all over!

1. Doodle Art

This one is quick, easy, and fun! Use a marker and draw lines/squiggles all over the page. After you have created your “picture” color in the spaces between the lines and *voila* you have an art masterpiece!

31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids- markers and crayons

2. Rock Paint

Choose a rock and pull out the paint! (Bigger rocks will give you more space to work with;)) Decorate the rocks any way you choose. Some ideas could be:

  • Choosing a theme such as painting animals or people.
  • Showing the characters or events from a story.
  • Creating your own story on the rock with each section telling a different part.

Pick a rock, grab some paint, and go to town!

31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids- painted rocks

3. Masking Tape Track

Grab some masking tape and lay it down like a race track all over the house. Take your Matchbox cars up on furniture, around corners, and across the floor. Pull out the little cars and get cruisin’!

4. Playdough Creations

Playdough is so great because you have unlimited options of things to create. Roll, squish, and form your playdough into people, furniture, shapes, etc.

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- play dough

Take this one to the next level by turning it into a guessing game. Each person creates something with their playdough and the other person asks questions to figure out what it is. woot! Grab some playdough at the store or make your own.

5. Beads and Pipe Cleaners

Do you have random beads and pipe cleaners lying around your house? Here are some fun ideas to put them to use!

  • Easy math learning activities you can do, begin by putting several beads on the pipe cleaner. Then:

-Count/move the beads from one side to the other and count on up (or down).

-Solve simple math problems by separating the beads onto either side of the pipe cleaner.

-Create a pattern.

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- beads and pipecleaners
  • Make your own craft! Put beads (colored, if you have them!) on the pipe cleaner and twist and bend it into a new shape.

-Fun things to make could include a flower, bracelet, and a snake.

-Get into the holidays by making things like a heart for Valentine’s Day, a pumpkin for Halloween, and a candy cane for Christmas.

-Mix and match colored beads and pipe cleaners and let the imagination lead!

6. Book Ramps

Now that you’ve got your little cars out, how about adding some jumps? Gather a few books and create ramps to send the cars flying. Feel free to add it on to the masking tape track above.

7. Toilet Paper Galore

Who knew empty toilet paper rolls could be so useful! Save up some toilet paper rolls and try some of the following:

  • Whip out your own set of binoculars. Paint, color, and/or decorate two rolls and glue them together. Use a hole punch to create a hole on each side and put a piece of string through it so it can hang around your neck. Let the exploring begin!
  • Make a butterfly. Paint or wrap colored paper around one roll. Cut out wing-shaped pieces of paper and glue it to the back. Add googly eyes or use a marker to draw eyes and a mouth (probably a smiling mouth, because butterflies make us happy!) You can use pipe cleaners to poke out the top as the antennas.
  • Streamers! Paint or cover the toilet paper roll with a fun color. Glue crepe paper cut into strands so it flows out both sides of the roll. Or have it flow out of just one side and hang it up with the streamers floating down.

8. Build a Pyramid

Use plastic cups to build a pyramid. Once you’ve had some practice, race someone else in building the pyramid up.

Then take it a step further and take the cups back down after building it up. Make sure they end up in a nice, neat stack!

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- cup tower

9. Bubble Color Splash

Mix food coloring with your bubbles then blow the bubbles onto a paper to create a colorful and fun picture. That is one painting that would be tough to recreate!

10. Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch

Use sidewalk chalk to create your own hopscotch course. Draw as many boxes, turns, and instructions as you’d like. Make it colorful and maybe give yourself a challenge!

11. Building Challenge

Gather an assortment of items from around the house like cups, plastic bowls, Tupperware, craft sticks, cans, straws, empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, empty boxes and DVD cases.

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- building towers

Find as many ways as you can to build a tower using the different objects. Mix and match them to creatively build a new kind of tower. Once you have some built, test the strength of each tower by placing a small pillow or box on top and see if it still stands! Find other fun building blocks here.

12. Noodle Delight

Gather several kinds of uncooked noodles like macaroni, penne, and rotelle. Arrange them on a piece of paper so they create something like a person, flower, animal, shape, etc. Once you have them in the correct spot, glue each one down.

13. Balloon Popping Art

Gather up the following items: small balloons, washable paint, thumbtacks screwdriver, funnel, canvas, and a balloon pump (or you can brave it and blow them up, just don’t inhale the paint;))

Optional items: goggles, darts, and a disposable table cloth.

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- balloons
  1. Wrap the balloons (one at a time) around the tip of the funnel and squirt paint in. Fill the balloons with different colors of paint.
  2. Pump or blow the balloon up (don’t do too much air or you’ll be wearing the paint before it makes it to the canvas!)
  3. Attach the balloons to the canvas using thumbtacks. Be sure to do it on the ends that you tied up, otherwise you may once again be wearing the paint!
  4. Put a disposable tablecloth down on the grass to help contain some of the paint (or hose things down afterward).
  5. Now would be the time to wear the goggles, just to protect your eyes from splattering paint!
  6. Use the screwdriver to pop each balloon and watch the magical masterpiece unfold before your eyes.

*Another option for steps 5 and 6 is to throw darts at the balloons to pop each one. See a video example here.

14. Fly, Plane, Fly

Make a paper airplane and take them outside to catch the breeze and fly through the air! Set a goal mark and see how many ‘flights’ it takes to reach it. Race other’s planes, winner gets a high five!

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- paper airplane

15. Mask Time

Keep those paper plates handy, because here is another fun use for them! A few fun mask ideas: lion, monkey, bear, or bunny.

Cut 2 holes out for the eyes. Color the plate with crayons, colored pencils, or paint. Use construction paper, pipe cleaners or other materials to add the nose, mouth, ears, etc. Punch a hole into both sides of the plate and put a string through so it is attached and can loop around your child’s ears.

Another option when you have completed the mask it to glue a popsicle stick or Jumbo craft stick to the bottom so it can be held in front of your face.

16. Laser Maze

Use crepe paper and masking tape to create a laser maze in the hallway. Carefully make your way through the lasers, don’t get zapped!

17. Pass It Forward Drawing

1.Take a blank piece of paper and start drawing something on it.

2. Pass the paper and have the next person add to the drawing.

3. Continue until everyone has a chance to add their part. Or pass it back and forth between two people.

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- children drawing

See what comes out! I’m guessing it’ll look different than what your mind had originally pictured!

18. Fingerprint Painting

Dip your finger(s) into paint and create a picture on a paper. Add extra things like faces, legs, etc with a marker or pen. Get creative and mix up the colors!

19. Sidewalk Chalk Art

Draw whatever you can think of using sidewalk chalk! Use different colors and jump in with your kids. It is a lot of fun and you’ll get to enjoy it for days! (or until the rain comes haha). Go to someone else’s house and draw a nice picture or leave a fun message.

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- chalk art

20. Salt Painting

Collect these items: cardstock paper, watercolors, salt, white glue, paintbrush, and some water. Print or draw a picture that is made up of straight lines and dots. Use your glue bottle to trace the lines and dots with glue. Pour salt (quite a bit) onto the picture so it covers the glue really well. Shake off the extra salt. Dip the paintbrush with a little bit of water into the water colors and carefully tap the salt to add the color. Let it dry and your work is complete!

21. Marshmallows and Toothpicks

True to the name, grab some marshmallows and toothpicks and build up something amazing! The toothpicks poke easily through the marshmallows and you can combine them in all sorts of ways. Use colored marshmallows to add some ‘flavor’ to your creation. 🙂

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- marshmallows and toothpicks

22. Balloon Rocket

Say what?! Yes indeed, it’s a thing. Grab a long piece of string, straw, balloon, and tape. Tie the piece of string onto a sturdy objects (like a chair, table leg, etc.) Put a straw through the string then tie up the other end of the string. Blow the balloon up and tape it to the straw (but keep it untied, the air leaving the balloon will be the fuel for your rocket). 3-2-1 and you’re off! Watch it fly across the room. Find more instructions here.

23. Watercolor Marble Painting

Grab the following items: watercolor paint, paper, and marbles. Dip the marbles in the paint and roll them around on the paper or hold them in your fingers and draw. Watch and see the fun paintings that emerge!

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- marble water colors

24. Paper Plate Crafts

  • Make a clock. Draw the numbers around the plate, cut a minute hand and hour hand out of paper and poke a brass fastener through the middle of the plate to hold it all together. So, what time is it?!
  • Create a snowman. Draw the face or color and cut out pieces of paper for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Bonus points if you have buttons that could be used for eyes/dimples, felt or other material that could be used for the nose and string for the mouth!
  • Choose an animal and draw it on the plate! A bear, dog, bunny, fish, etc. Use crafty materials to spice it up if you have them:)

25. Balloon Ping Pong

Glue 2 craft sticks to 2 paper plates. Blow up a balloon and use the handmade pingpong paddles to hit the balloon back and forth. Add in some twirls and jumps to keep things exciting.

26. Hand and Feet Art

This is another classic, but it is worth repeating! Use washable paint and dip your hand or feet into the paint and let the inner artist out.

Create a fun picture using hand prints and footprints all over the page. Team up and make a bigger picture together, get the whole family involved.

31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids- hand painting

27. Light ’em Up

Pull out the glow sticks, turn on some music, turn out the lights and get to dancing! It can be almost mesmerizing to watch the lights dance around the room. Get really creative and attach the glow sticks to your clothes. This could make for a hysterical video!

31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids- glow stick shapes
31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids- glow sticks
31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids- glow stick hula hoops

28. Magnets and Marbles

Round up some cardboard tubes from empty wrapping paper, toilet paper, and paper towel rolls. Cut one side open so the tube opens up like a “u.” Glue some magnet pieces onto both sides of the tube. Put the pieces on your fridge so they build a race track. (You can also use another magnetic spot such as the side of a filing cabinet). Run a marble down the track! Move things around until it successfully works its way all the way down.

29. Balloon Hit

Here the balloons come out again! This one is simple, blow up a balloon and tie off the end. Tie a piece of string to the balloon and hang it from the ceiling. Let your kids have at it! Depending on the height of the balloon (which you can adjust as you’d like), practice jumping up to get it, kicking at it, and bouncing it off your hands.

30. Draw a Map

“Where am I?” Pull out the paper, pencils and crayons and get to mapping! Draw a map of your room, house, neighborhood, or school.

Add in some fun by creating a type of treasure hunt using the map, complete with a prize at the end!

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- child drawing

31. Secret Messages

Mix water and lemon juice together to create an invisible ink. Dip your finger in and write a secret message. After it dries, hold the paper up and see the message magically appear!

Well, there you have it! A few more Creative Activities For Kids to add to your toolbelt. It is always fun to mix things up and try something new. Join in on the fun with your kids. You never know, you just might catch yourself smiling from ear to ear! Curious about other fun-filled and educational activities? Try these subscription boxes.

Which of these activities are you going to try with your kids?

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  1. Great article especially during the quarantine. My favorites are: Doodle Art, Fly Plane Fly, Pass It Forward Drawing, Salt Painting, Balloon Rocket and Secret Messages.

    I work with the 3 yr old to Kindergarten children at church and we are always looking for new activities to do with the children. I will have to share this site with our planner {when we get back to church}.

    Thank you for the article.

    • You have chosen some fun favorites! Yes, please do share the site with your activities planner, I would love to have kids enjoy these! If you would like, there are some other fun activities that focus on using the Five Senses that the kiddos might have fun with as well.

  2. Thanks you for the post Heidi!

    Our family has done a variety of these activities before.

    But we love the new ideas. I especially like the laser maze and think that would be so fun to try with my kids.

    • Awesome! That is fun you have done some and I hope you’ll get to try a few more. Definitely give the laser maze a go, I’m sure your kids would love it!

  3. Hi Heidi!

    I agree with you. These are precisely remarkable creative activities for children.
    Children in every stage of their growth have different interest, and with all these lists, there’s no left child will not be satisfied or have to play.
    These activities would be introduced in kindergarten classes.

    Thank you for this great information.


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