Baby Approved Toys: Vtech Baby Walker, Fisher Price Learning Table

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I have the wonderful blessing to be at home with my daughter. Not surprisingly, we spend a lot of time together every day.

I am new to the whole mom scene and I have been eager to find ways to encourage her in her day-to-day exploration and development.

I’ve chosen to share a few of our personal favorites. 🙂


Vtech Baby Walker

Like many other children her age, she has been anxious to move around and discover things around the house.

An excellent way my husband and I have been able to keep her happy and support this independence was by giving her a walker.

She is able to walk around by herself with the aid of the walker. If she runs into a wall or furniture she can easily move around to the other side and walk it backwards or transfer to walk along the furniture.

It is sturdy and helps her as she learns to keep her balance.

The walker also has an attached toy.

Sometimes she just wants to sit by the walker and have an instant toy to play with.

There are many colors and activities involved in the toy portion of the walker. She can push buttons, open and close things, turn a dial, learn about shapes and numbers and hear varying tones from piano keys.

The other great part is that the toy can be detached and played with separately from the walker.

Numerous hours have been spent interacting with this walker. It has been so fun for her!

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Fisher Price Learning Table

This learning table has been another great addition to our toy options.

It has several fun activities to do on the table top with additional levels available at the slide of a button.

My daughter loves standing at the table to try out the different parts and then maneuvering around the table to do another activity.

It has helped her strengthen her legs as she stands and has given her plenty of opportunities to practice moving around the table.

The activities are very interactive and keep her busy for extensive amounts of time as we switch between the levels.

She is gaining confidence in her ability to stand and walk and is working on her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Although we started using this after she was able to stand, another awesome feature is that the legs are detachable and will allow the baby to sit and play.

This gives the toy an even longer “shelf” life allowing it to grow with the baby.

We plan to continue using this table for quite awhile!

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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car

The stationary car that offers hours of fun!

This car has already entertained kids of all ages at our house.

It has varying levels of skills and activities that can be switched by sliding a button.

There is a little steering wheel with a horn, radio, parts that twist and turn and many lights and sounds.

The door opens and closes and has small shape-sized holes to keep the fun rolling.

My daughter has experimented with all of the different levels and has enjoyed seeing the lights and hearing all of the music and chatter.

There have even been a few impromptu dance parties when she hears a beat she likes.

She has also loved turning the back wheels and watching them spin.

It has been very entertaining and has given her room to discover at her own pace.

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Fisher Price Scoot ‘N Ride

This cute little scooter has been a lot of fun!

We started out holding her legs up and pushing her around on the scooter.

Next she practiced and figured out how to keep her balance and back up on her own.

She can now go forward doing a walk and push type of motion. Her stomach hits the little buttons on the handlebar so she has some music while she moves.

It has provided great training for her to practice getting off.

She will get to the couch or bookshelf and then stand and flip her leg over to allow her to walk along the furniture. It is low to the ground so when she does tumble off the side she doesn’t have very far fall.

She has loved the mobility this has offered!

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Every Day Items

Sometimes the best toys are things you use every day.

My daughter is almost a year old.

She is in the middle of learning how to get around and is always curious about the things I am doing and items I am using.

There have been many times I have been looking for something to peak her interest and give her a chance to explore on her own (so I can occasionally get other things done like make dinner or clean up the house!)

Lately as we’ve been together in the kitchen she has found great interest in every day kitchen items.

While I am cooking something I’ll hand her a measuring spoon or cup and she’ll turn it all directions, bang it on the counter or floor and maybe attempt to get a little taste. 😉

She has also enjoyed banging a wooden spoon on a sauce pan. What could be better than a homemade drum?!


A Few Things to Note

An interesting thing I’ve noticed when looking for fun and engaging toys for my daughter was that the featured item often has a picture of a baby AND a parent.

Babies can definitely spend some time playing on their own, but a greater amount of growth will happen when they have an adult or older sibling to interact with them.

Babies and children are so impressionable and look to people around them to learn how to act and what to do.

We have the great privilege of being in that position of power.

Toys provide a sort of middle ground. We want to spend quality time with the children in our life and toys can be the tools that help accelerate their development and growth.

These are just a few examples of the enjoyable toys out there that encourage growth, stimulate minds, and strengthen a variety of skills.

Happy Playing!

Have you used any of these baby toys? Are there other toys you would recommend?

Please share any questions or comments below!


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  1. It is nice when you can use everyday items around the house. I’ve also seen babies use rubber spatulas that can be fun to play with and even something they can chew on when they are teething. Thanks for the great ideas!


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