What Is Making Choices Going To Do To Empower Your Kids?

what is making choices going to do to empower your kids- making choices

The power to choose. Ooh, even the word power sends a lightning bolt of emotion through your body. Isn’t it interesting to think about the effect power can have on a person? A person who is given “too much” power might start to treat other people poorly or do things they normally wouldn’t do. A … Read more

Social Skills Activity Products

Make Things Happen

There are many exciting products out there that offer learning experiences for our children! This page includes a few supportive products based on my previous articles about social skills. I’d highly recommend reading them so the things I mention below make sense! Delightful Social Skills Activities for Kids! 9 Essential Social Skills for Kids- Success … Read more

Delightful Social Skills Activities for Kids!

Social Skills-two boys laughing

Social Skills are an important part of children’s growth and development. How can we make it a more exciting learning experience? Through activities of course! Try these social skills activities for kids. Kids love to be involved in doing things. It’s like wrapping the learning up in a fun activity wrapper. The whole experience is … Read more