Family Goal Setting Worksheet And Helpful How To

family goal setting worksheet

Setting goals for your own personal growth is a fantastic way to grow and learn! This can also be a fun and powerful way to help your family grow together and to try new things. Use this family goal setting worksheet to guide your family as you set new goals together. We are often led … Read more

Personalized Books For Children- Seeing Through New Eyes

personalized books for children- boy reading a book

Are you looking for a unique gift for or from your child? Personalized books for children are a great way to combine the fun of a book with the adventure of an experience! Sometimes finding the perfect gift is hard. Narrowing the options down to choosing from a few different personalized books could be the … Read more

25 Exciting Things To Do With Shapes For Kids

things to do with shapes for kids- shapes activity bundle freebies

Learning is part of life. Kids learn and grow at a rapid pace, it’s amazing to watch things happen from day to day! In this article we’ll cover 25 exciting things to do with shapes for kids. The awesome thing about learning is there are SO many ways to do it. Yes, we could just … Read more

13 Amazing Benefits From Doing Puzzles

benefits of doing puzzles- toddler doing a puzzle

Puzzles have been around for a loooooong time! I’m sure you, along with your parents and grandparents, have had your own great experiences with building puzzles of all types. Moving forward we’ll dive a little more into 13 amazing benefits from doing puzzles. (#9 may surprise you!) Puzzles are a unique activity that span across … Read more

31 Remarkably Creative Activities For Kids

31 Remarkably Creative Activities for Kids- building towers

There come times that we just need some new ideas. Well, today is your lucky day… Here you’ll find 31 Creative Activities for Kids with smiles to be found all over! 1. Doodle Art This one is quick, easy, and fun! Use a marker and draw lines/squiggles all over the page. After you have created … Read more

Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected

Are you looking for ways to help your kids stay connected to others? Here are some great ideas on following the rules of social distancing and keeping kids connected through technology! These are things you could do as a family or that you could help coordinate for your kids. FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom … Read more

Learning Strategies for Math

Learning strategies for math- base 10 place value

Math can look and sound like a foreign language to kids.Try some of these learning strategies for math to help your child view the wondrous world of math through new eyes! (and understanding!) Hands On Anytime you can put something into your child’s hands to help them learn- DO IT! Learning new things can be … Read more