Educational Toys Make Learning Fun!

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Educational toys

Toys. The very word sparks excitement in young people everywhere.

Toys capture the attention of children of all ages.

There are countless varieties of toys out on the market.

Children love to discover and explore the world around them. They learn best when they are given opportunities to explore through hands-on experiences.

So how can we best facilitate these kinds of quality experiences while using the timeless idea of toys?

The answer is quite simple…Educational toys! Click here to see Unique and Creative Building Blocks for Kids!

Make Learning Fun

Educational toys make learning fun!

Children’s little minds are constantly going– making connections and figuring out howconnections

things work.

This is where educational toys fit in, toys that are designed to inspire young minds as they seek to make sense of the world they live in.

Children stretch their minds and think in new ways every day as they are given opportunities to interact with things that create new paths in their brains, connect them to the world around them, and have fun doing it!

Specific toys can connect children to developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate learning in each one of them individually.

Many of these toys are specifically created with an educational purpose in mind.

As a teacher, I had many opportunities to provide my students with growing experiences through fun activities; including the use of things like lincoln logs, magnetic alphabet letters and plastic shapes.

The smiles that frequented their faces was rewarding as they spent time learning with exciting resources and had a blast doing it!

Discover and Explore

Our world is full of bright and colorful things and children want to explore every part of it.

Babies are enthralled with each piece of dirt and discarded crumb of food found on the floor; they will pick up just about anything and Magnifying glass

thoroughly inspect it.

My infant daughter is right in the middle of this stage, everything she sees catches her attention.

As she explores, she asks the same question about a myriad of different things: “what’s that?”

Her curiosity about anything and everything is a great reminder of the things we can learn if we just ask!

She is always ready and willing to learn, opening the door of opportunity for me and others around her to figuratively fill her learning cup.

Children are very similar in their desire to discover and understand everything they see.

They enjoy pushing, pulling, assembling, disassembling, experimenting, etc.

girl pulling a wagon

Toys are an engaging way to allow children the freedom of their own discovery and growth while using helpful resources and tools.

There were many times as a teacher I saw my students’ eyes glow withlightbulb with answer bubbles

excitement as they figured something out and hurried to share with me and their classmates.

These are the moments of success we want them to have every day, building on their own exploration of their world.

We learn best by asking questions and then seeking out answers, a pattern we continue to follow throughout adulthood.

Why not equip our kids with this powerful and effective strategy for learning?

Learning has a much longer and more lasting effect when we are an integral part of the discovery.

Sign with Lost, found, searching

Encourage Creativity

Children love to use their imagination to create.

They can take just about anything and create a whole new world A child building with blocks

with it.

Toys help encourage creativity as they give children new tools of discovery that open their minds to different ideas and play.

Each child has a unique personality that is developed through experience and exposure to obstacle course

a large variety of things.

Children can learn how to problem solve as they imagine and create their own scenarios; build things up, knock them down, and manipulate toys and items.

They are presented with various obstacles that they get to think through and overcome. It’s incredible to see the vast amount of creativity that can come from one or two items and a group of creative children!

A fun activity I previously did with my students included using shapes to build anything they could think of.

The resulting pictures were as varied and diverse as the classroom of children.

We always had a large range of things from monsters to flowers to bicycles.

Each child used their own creativity and the life experiences they had to visualize and then make their object using basic shapes.

There are countless examples of children using their own “creative juices” to produce something new.

Positive Interaction with Others

Having positive, meaningful interactions with others is a life skill we seek to teach children from a very young age.

They will come into contact with many different types of people as they go through life and we want them to be prepared to be successful in these interactions!

We use a large variety of methods to teach this, with toys being among the more prominent and natural among young people.

The use of toys can encourage positive interaction Two children walking togetherwith peers as children learn to share, help others, and work together with other children as they delve into fun and engaging toy-related activities.

Certain toys/activities require children to coordinate their actions and subsequently encourage a working together mindset.

Young minds are constantly being cultivated through these relationships and experiences.

working together

I have noticed among previous students in my class the students who appeared to have had experience interacting and sharing with others and those who may have had less exposure to these types of experiences.

There was one 6-year-old girl who would always be watching out for others.

She noticed when a child wasn’t playing and would invite them to join her. If she had a toy or resource someone else wanted she would instantly share it with them.

She had been taught how and given opportunities to have positive interactions. The goal is to give EVERY child as many positive interactions as we can.

Make Memories and Enjoy the Journey!

Memories are made when learning and fun blend together to create a sequence of events that expand our horizons, open new doors, and push us to become a better version of Sky


The sky is the limit when children are given time to discover, explore, and create using their imaginations hand-in-hand with appealing and entertaining toys that educate and motivate all along the way.

Support the children in your life by making learning fun, leading them to discover and explore, encouraging creativity, and facilitating positive interaction with others.

There are so many new things to learn and do every day.

Let’s make today count!

Children playing and laughing

What are other ways you have found that children can benefit from toys? Please share your comments and thoughts below!


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4 thoughts on “Educational Toys Make Learning Fun!”

  1. In my work with children with various special needs and visual impairments, I see the benefits of sensory gadgets, colorful items, things that make silly sounds, and objects that all facilitate playful interaction. Children definitely learn with their hands and are greatly motivated by playful things they can manipulate and move. This also helps them engage with other peers in ways they otherwise would not. I agree we should continue to find ways to unlock creativity in ourselves and our children and help them grow day by day!

    • I am glad you have seen the value and benefit that playful objects can provide! You bring up a good point, these toys and items can really help children connect with others in ways they normally wouldn’t be connecting. In the end we want to give all children the opportunity to learn and grow, so why not use the resources out there?!

  2. What a terrific site, that builds on your experience as an educator. I particularly like the way you encourage people to help their children to be more creative. Getting children to think for themselves, is I believe an important way to start our children to be independent as young adults.

    Your technique of encouraging your former students to build shapes must surely have been a terrific building block for these children to eventually become adults that “think outside the box”.

    Your emphasis on “fun” is also something I thinks is so important. This is surely a better grounding for these children in their later lives, to help them think of their studies or work as “fun”, if we can develop this sort of mentality to work, it could make a huge positive change in our society, built on the early years of learning initially with “fun”. Great post.

    • I definitely agree! Allowing children to be creative and begin to do things their own way can be incredibly important to their growth and success. We can all use more fun in our lives! The moment we can see our work as fun, everything changes. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment!


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