Family Goal Setting Worksheet And Helpful How To

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Setting goals for your own personal growth is a fantastic way to grow and learn! This can also be a fun and powerful way to help your family grow together and to try new things. Use this family goal setting worksheet to guide your family as you set new goals together.

We are often led to believe that the number one time to set goals is on New Year’s Eve, so that starting January 1st we are off and rolling.

Now we know how well that usually goes, somewhere around January 15th we are asking ourselves “what goals?” I have come to believe that goal setting does not have to be confined to a particular time of year or even day of the month. You can set a goal and start working towards it anytime you want!

family goal setting worksheet- setting goals

Now, as great as all of that sounds, I know you are also a busy person! You are likely running your kids around to different events, keeping up with groceries and a whole list of things we don’t need to mention. To simplify your life a bit, I have created this FREE family goal setting worksheet. Just print it out and fill it in. You can put it up on your fridge, on a whiteboard, or anywhere else you walk by frequently and can be reminded of the goals you have set.

One great thing about these goals is that they can be completely unique to your family! Tweak them to match whatever it is you want to achieve. You can mix and match some things, maybe set some finance goals that help you save up to visit some of those special places.

Be sure to make SMART goals. You may have heard about SMART goals, but as a quick refresher.

SMART stands for:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Achievable

R: Realistic

T: Time Sensitive

If you are interested in the idea of setting goals, but you aren’t sure how to begin, use these ideas as a springboard to forming your own goals!

Here are six potential areas to focus on with some suggested goals:

1. Family Activities

  • Eat meals together. Sounds basic but can be tough to do sometimes! You could set a goal to eat a certain amount of meals together a week. It can be a fantastic time to bond as a family. Put electronic devices away and just enjoy each other’s company as you share a meal.
  • Hold a game night. Make this a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly goal! Set an evening aside to pull out the board games and enjoy some laughs together.
Family goal setting worksheet- family activities
  • Have a movie night. Break out the microwave popcorn (or your air popper) and watch a fun family movie. If you set this as a goal you could set something like watch a Disney movie as a family once a month.
  • Go bowling. When’s the last time you went bowling? It could provide some old-fashioned fun!
  • Start a new hobby as a family. Learning something new together can be very rewarding and fun. It could be something like starting a garden, playing sports together, cooking, or playing a musical instrument. If your family would like to dive more into science topics, look into a science subscription box. The supplies will be sent right to your door, ready to use!

2. Places to Visit

  • Visit extended family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Set a goal to visit the important people in your life. The frequency may depend on how far they live from you.
  • Try out different theme parks. Theme parks hold a magical sort of fun! It can be a wonderful time to be together as a family and enjoy the rides and entertainment. This may be one of those things you may want to create a budget for and plan for ahead of time.
family goal setting worksheet- roller coaster
  • Visit different national parks. If your family enjoys being outdoors, take them on new adventures! National parks are a wonder in themselves and often have awesome hikes to go on with breathtaking views. If your family enjoys camping, make a whole camping trip out of it.
  • Find historical places near you. Historical places hold a lot of, well, history! It can be a great learning experience for the whole family to visit such places and learn about things from the past. It can be humbling for kids to see and hear about things that have happened a long time ago.
  • Go to a beach. Depending on where you live, some of your family may have never seen the ocean with their own eyes. It is a unique experience to see and feel the ocean!

3. Health

  • Go on walks. Easy, free, and just good all around. Round up the family and go for a jaunt. This could be a daily goal of walking together for even 15 minutes.
  • Eat more vegetables. This is one way to help your family stay healthy or get more healthy. If your family isn’t used to eating very many veggies, start out with a little at a time. Get creative! They don’t just have to be eaten plain.
  • Go on bike rides. Does your family like riding bikes? Use this to your advantage! Set a goal to ride your bikes often and then work hard to make it happen. Many areas have walking/bike paths that are great to ride on, so you don’t have to worry about vehicles being around.
family goal setting worksheet- riding bikes
  • Drink more water and less soda and juice. Drinking lots of water can have a surprisingly large effect on how well your body functions. Yay for water!
  • Cooking more at home. Life can get crazy and it is oh so easy to stop by the fast food restaurant on your way home. Set a goal to eat healthier by preparing your own meals more often. Make it a family event! Kids are great helpers.

4. Finances

  • Create a budget. Your kids don’t need to know every detail of the budget, but it can be a great way to teach them about budgeting. Let them be part of the process of planning a budget for a family trip or a purchase they would like to make.
  • Let your children earn money. This could be money earned through doing extra jobs around the house or for neighbors. Use this as a chance to teach them about the importance of saving. This idea of saving reminds me of the marshmallow experiment. Often times waiting can mean getting more or something better.
  • Build up a travel jar. Pick a jar or container and place it somewhere that the whole family can see. Anytime anyone finds extra coins or chooses to donate their own money, they can toss it in and watch the money rise to the top. Once it has reached the top, count it out and use the money to do something fun!
family goal setting worksheet- jar of money

  • Do activities to learn the difference between needs and wants. For example, you could have several pictures of familiar items that you place in front of your kids. Invite them to put them into two categories, needs and wants. It may help their brains connect with the difference as they ask themselves things like “Do I need this toy, or is it a want?”
  • Teach them how to comparison shop. When you are out grocery shopping, walk your kids through your thinking process of deciding which items to buy. They learn quickly! Are you buying this item because it’s on sale? Or because it has more pieces in the package then the others?

5. Service

  • Do a community service project. No matter where you live, there are always things that can be done and people that need help. You could pick up litter in your community, draw pictures for residents in a nursing home, or do a book drive then donate the books to a local homeless shelter or children’s hospital.
  • Find a place to volunteer. You could volunteer at a local soup kitchen or help in a food bank. There are always places around that could use an extra set of hands.
  • Serve your neighbors by raking or shoveling. Whether you have leaves falling or snow, there is often work to be done. Though no one says it has to be all work and no play! Rake those leaves into a pile and jump on in!
family goal setting worksheet- raking leaves
  • Clean out your toy boxes and donate some toys to a family in need. Bonus points if your kids get to be there to hand some things over to their new friends.
  • Make a dinner and take it to a family that may be struggling or could use a “pick me up.”

6. Spiritual

  • Give service to others. It can be an awesome way to build character and teach your kids to notice and help others. See #5 for ideas on great ways to offer service to others!
  • Read uplifting and encouraging books. This could include religious books and other books that help you to become a better person.
family goal setting worksheet- reading
  • Practice Forgiveness. Teach your kids by example and with words. We all run into situations in life that seem less than fair. We often don’t have control over what happens, but we can control our response to it. You will likely feel so much better after you have forgiven someone else of wrong-doing.
  • Pray daily. Prayer can be a source of peace and strength for those who like to participate in it. This could be another activity your family could set as a goal to do together every day.
  • Write out and study character qualities that you would to have or improve in. There are always ways to improve ourselves, use your goal setting time as another opportunity to better yourself along with your family!

Setting Goals Together

Setting goals could be a great family activity. And like I said, you can do it whenever you’d like… no need to wait for a specific time of year. Is today March 16th? Great, set some goals! Is today September 24th? Great, set some goals! You see where I’m going with this. =)

What goals are you going to set with your family? Please share in the comments below!

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