Interesting Construction Toys for Boys, Why Play?

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There are many questions we ask ourselves each day, a good number of them starting with the word “why.’ “Why is the water cold?” “Why can’t I find my shoes?” “Why is the traffic so busy?” As our kids learn to talk, they start many questions off with “Why…?” You may have come here with a question about why play, why you should get construction toys and maybe to find out why you should choose interesting construction toys for boys, keep reading to find all of these answered below! 

I’d Like To See The Toys!

Interesting Construction Toys for boys, why play?

To get us off in the right direction, let’s touch on one specific question we’ll jump into now which is “Why play?” You may not have really asked yourself about the importance of play for your kids. I mean, as parents we know our kids like to play and that we should give them lots of time to play. But, why?

What do children learn from building things?

There are all kinds of things our kids can learn from building and constructing while they play! Things like: 

Fine Motor Skills being able to control the coordination between their fingers/hands and their eyes. Picking up small building pieces or tools and using them to put things together can really help to strengthen this skill. 

Focus young children may especially have a hard time staying focused on the same activity for very long.

Building things captures their attention and helps them to stay focused on the same task as they really enjoy putting things together and creating something with the materials they are using.

Interesting construction toys for boys, why play- child focusing

Patience Sometime our kiddos have a hard time waiting. Dinner or a road trip can seem to take forever.

Giving them opportunities to build with fun materials in their own time frame can help them learn to be even a little more patient as they put things together, piece by piece. They’ll begin to understand that some things take time, but the end result is often worth the wait. 

Interesting Construction Toys for boys, why play- skills from building

Imagination The only limit to our imagination is the boundaries we set for it, right? I have seen so many kids on all levels of “imagination.”

Some can take any old pair of shoes and turn them into rocketships that blast them to the sky. Others can get their friends and peers excited about just about anything. “Look at this blade of grass!”

Giving your kiddo the chance to use their imagination while building something can really help them grow. Imagine the skyscrapers they could build and “fly” up to!

Interesting construction toys for boys, why play, boys being creative

Creativity Oh it is fun to see the things our kids come up with! Being able to experiment with different kinds of play can give our kids a blank canvas they can use to create whatever they think up. Giving them open-ended toys/materials will allow them the space to use their own creative juices.

It is so interesting to watch 2 different kids play with the same building toys. One might build a track they can run their marbles down. The other might build a tower that ends up taller then they are. 

What are examples of constructive play?

Constructive play is when your kids are creating or building something using different materials. 

  • Building a tower with a pile of blocks.
  • Putting together a car with a box of Legos.
  • Creating a flower with play dough. 
  • Constructing a pyramid by stacking cups. 
  • Packing sand together to make a castle.
interesting construction toys for boys, why play- building sand castles

There are so many ways to build and create using a whole variety of materials! Kids love to discover and explore things, so giving them different materials and letting them try things out for themselves can be an awesome way to learn.

Construction Toys For Boys 

Construction Tools Toy Set

Do you have a little builder? Are they curious about how everything works, how things are put together, and how to create new things?

These construction pieces could be a blast for a little guy that loves tinkering with things, taking them apart, putting them together, etc.

  • 135 construction pieces
  • Idea book included
  • For Kids 3+

Black and Decker My First Tool Box Set

Does your little one want to be just like you? When you are hammering away or tightening up a bolt, is your mini sidekick tapping and tightening alongside you?

This tool box set could be a fun and safe way to let your young worker have a go with fixing things their way, right along with you!

  • Toolbox
  • 14 Tools
  • For Kids 3+

Deluxe Wooden Tool belt Set

Does your young builder want to look official? Would they like to wear their tools on a belt for easy access?

This tool belt could be just the right fit! They can carry their tools around and be ready to fix at any moment. Plus there is a space for their name, so there is no confusion as to who the belt belongs to!

  • Tool belt
  • 5 Tools
  • 8 building pieces
  • For kids 3+

Construction Toy Workbench

Is your construction kiddo looking for their own workbench? Do they want to have a spot to keep all of their tools and gear?

This workbench could be it! With so many part to play with, this will keep them playing (and learning!) for hours.

  • 83 pieces
  • 3 forms:tool suitcase, Trolley case and standard stand workbench.
  • For Kids 3+

There are many great options to give your kiddo a chance to build and construct to their heart’s delight. I have shared just a few. I hope your little one has a blast learning and building!

Which of these construction toys are you going to get for your little one? What are other toys you have tried and loved? Please share in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Interesting Construction Toys for Boys, Why Play?”

  1. Building something can be a great patient and focus practice for children. Both of my nephews used to throw a tantrum big time if things didn’t go their way. However, after they build up the mock lego for kids, they still throw a tantrum if the structure collapses but it is way better. Yes! I agree it helps with their imagination as well which encourages creative thinking 🙂 

    I love the Brio Builder set, very affordable as well. Toy workbench is another good one as well. Thanks for sharing these amazing toys. 

    • That is great you have seen some positive changes in your nephews as they have learned some patience through building with toys! Lots of helpful things can come from that kind of play.

      I’m glad you found some toys that look fun and affordable. Thanks for stopping by!


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