Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Review

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Have you ever found yourself “pulling your hair out” because your child will not sit down and work with you?

It can be very frustrating for all parties involved. But it doesn’t have to be!

Children like to have fun while they learn! The trick can be finding things that will keep their attention AND help them learn.

Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Review-never stop learning

This review will illustrate the pros and cons of one potential educational tool based on my experience as a teacher using similar materials in my classroom with my students.

My Experience with Magnetic Letters

magnetic alphabet letters

As a teacher I used magnetic letters often!

They were very helpful in giving children the opportunity to interact with alphabet letters in a non-traditional way.

This allowed them to easily use the letters to spell their sight words or the spelling words we were working on. They also used the letters to focus on specific word spellings like i_e or _oy.

This could be a fun way to practice writing and solving math equations, using the foam pieces as well as the whiteboard.

As mentioned, children like to have fun while learning, so anything we can do to provide varying experiences will greatly benefit them.

marker on a whiteboard

In my classroom we often used whiteboards for a variety of subjects. My students loved the opportunity to draw, write, or otherwise learn using their own whiteboard and marker.

Our whiteboard use ranged from spelling words to drawing pictures of our writing to solving math problems.

Product at a Glance

235 pieces; alphabet letters, numbers, and symbols

storage box

1 magnetic dry erase board

2 marker eraser pens

Introduction & Use

These magnetic letters, numbers, and symbols can be used at home or in a classroom.

Among other things they can be used to teach letter names and sounds, spell words, and show/solve math equations. The included whiteboard and markers can be used to write, draw, and discover.

Please scroll to the bottom to see the review chart.

*This review is based on my own research of the product.

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Mapixo Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers




Ease of Use


Storage Options


Font Choice



  • Multiple uses for teaching and playing
  • Color coded to support learning
  • Easy storage


  • Letters are different sizes
  • Several letters have curly ends
  • Font makes some letters hard to read

4 thoughts on “Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Review”

  1. HI 2 you Heidi,

    A versitile product that has stood the test of time, has been used by all ages in some way or another and is a useful tool to have in the kitchen as a memo board or take the letters and cover the fridge. The inclusion of a white board and marker pens gives a teacher or child more to work with when inventing games and educational fun. The letters could be drawn around for example and a child has to find the letter that fits the shape drawn,

    For the really clever kids, they could attempt to create a picture or image from the shapes with the addition of the white board and markers. An everyday winner for our younger toy-testers.


    • Those are great ideas for other ways to use the letters! I really like the idea of drawing the shape of the letter and having the child find the letter that fits into the drawn shape. Some kiddos would also do really well with creating a picture with the shapes and whiteboard, that would be a fun way to challenge them. Thank you for adding these fun ideas!

  2. The charts and the lists of pros and cons that you have really give me a great feel for what to expect and tells me so much about the product(s) at a glance. You go into detail as well, but its quite novel to see its summary the way you’ve put it in place and I find it very helpful.


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