Personalized Books For Children- Seeing Through New Eyes

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Are you looking for a unique gift for or from your child? Personalized books for children are a great way to combine the fun of a book with the adventure of an experience!

personalized books for children- boy reading a book

Sometimes finding the perfect gift is hard. Narrowing the options down to choosing from a few different personalized books could be the right answer! There are so many types of books, you are likely going to find one that matches the occasion you are celebrating.

It is safe to say that most children would love to see their own name and face on the cover and pages of their very own book. Reading is an adventure all by itself, but throw in your child’s picture and name and the adventure level goes up a few notches!

Kids love to see their own work on display, but do they get to see themselves on display?

I’ve rounded up a handful of great options. Discover the fun and adventure found within each of these books!


If you have a child between the ages of 2-7, this just may be the book for you!

In this thrilling adventure, your kiddo will get to see their own picture and name on the cover and within the pages of their own personalized book. Your child gets to be the hero that saves the kingdom!

Watching others save the day is exciting. Reading about yourself saving the day? Out of this world! Recommended for kids ages 2-7.

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Wanted — hardcover
from: Kabook, LLC

Holiday Favorites

Getting into the holiday spirit can be even better as your child reads a story featuring….them!

Choose from a story that shares the joy of spreading Christmas cheer or join some elves on a search for Santa’s list.

Christmas time often brings happiness and hope to children all over the world. Why not start this season out with a bit of personalized fun? (Which can be enjoyed again and again!)

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Holiday Favorites

Lost My Name

This book takes your child on a unique adventure, a journey to find the lost letters of their own name!

This could be a fun and engaging way to practice learning the letters of their own name. It is recommended for kids ages 0-8.

Try some of these activities if you’re looking for other fun ways to teach the letters of the alphabet. Recommended for kids ages 0-8.

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Lost my Name

The Power Within

Do you have a kiddo who loves superheros? This is the book for them!

You get to choose a strength which will then be turned into a superpower. The story takes them through an exciting adventure that ends with them saving the day. Recommended for kids ages 6-10.

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The Power Within

Where Are You?

Picture the popular search book, Where’s Waldo? (Also known as Where’s Wally? in the United Kingdom). Page after page is filled with pictures of people doing different things. The object of the book is to find Waldo (Wally) within the throngs of people on each page.

The book Where Are You? has the same idea, except this time your child gets to search for their own picture amidst the people on each page. It has the potential to provide hours of fun! Recommended for kids ages 4-10.

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Where Are You?

Family Books

Is there someone special you’d like your child to give a book to? There are fun options for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, siblings, etc.

I’m sure they would love to receive a personalized book with that special little someone’s name and picture used all throughout it!

It is a great way to connect with others, even if they live far away.

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Family Books

When should you give a personalized book?

Here’s a list of possible occasions when a book could be the perfect gift!

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Beginning of a new school year
  • Special Day- mother’s day, father’s day, etc.
  • Going through a transition- new sibling, moving houses, etc.
  • When you live far away, it can be a fun way to connect across the distance.
  • Just because, sometimes the only reason you need to give a gift is because you want to show your love for someone.
personalized books for children- stuffed animals

Fun Ideas to Include With a Book

  • Write a special note in the front. Share why you wanted to get this book for them.
  • A stuffed animal or toy that goes along with the theme of the book. IE. a moose to go along with the Holiday Favorite or a superhero to go along with The Power Within.
  • A soft pillow or blanket (aka reading buddy:))
  • A favorite treat or snack.
  • Fuzzy socks, your feet want to be happy too!

Books, Books, Books

Just imagine your child (or grandchild) opening a book only to find their own picture and name staring back at them. How fun could that be?!

With technology these days, you could still watch it over a phone or other device and feel like you are there- even if you are miles and miles away!

personalized books for children- boy with a stack of books

Books make great gifts because they are always “in fashion.” These are a type of gift that can last for years to come. They will wear out the pages, reading their own book over and over. It can be a fun way to have a special connection with a kiddo in your life. Whichever one you choose, I’m sure it will be well-loved!

What was your favorite book growing up? How would it have been to put yourself into the story?

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