Playful Kids Kitchen Toys and Accessories

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You may have noticed that the little people in your house like to be right where you are! This could be in the kitchen, doing laundry, or completing other tasks around the house.

Or is it just at my house? Haha

Yes, we love to share what we are doing and teach them as they try new things.

But now imagine you could be preparing dinner in your kitchen while your little one is cooking up their own masterpiece in a kitchen their own size. Win Win, right?!

I’ve gathered up a few fun items that allow your child to play along with their own kitchen related toys.

Kitchen Toys and Accessories

Play Kitchen


There are a variety of benefits for children when playing with a play kitchen. This is imagination in action!play kitchen toy

  • They can create any story or situation their young minds can think up.
  • It provides unique opportunities to solve problems they may come across.
  • It gives ample opportunities to practice their growing social skills as they interact with other children.
  • Their language skills can develop and grow as they talk about what they are doing and react to things the other children say or questions they ask.
  • They get to practice for the real deal, your child will be a pro cook and dish-washer by the end if this!

Item: Fun With Friends Kitchen by Step 2

Let your child cook right alongside you with their own kitchen! This one is the whole package.

  • The stove top lights up when a pan is set on it.
  • The microwave, oven, and fridge have doors that open and close.
  • Lots of space to keep the extra items while they’re not being used.
  • Additional pieces including serving spoons and condiment bottles.

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Floor Cleaning Supplies

Benefitstoy man sweeping

Children love to imitate our actions.

If we are cooking, they want to be cooking. If we are cleaning, they want to be cleaning (their own version of course!).

Toy kitchen cleaning tools can be the right fit for a child to release their inner desire to clean (every parent’s dream, right?).

  • Help them learn responsibility and enjoy it!
  • Boost self-confidence.
  • Practice practical skills that can be used in ‘real world’ situations. (sweep away!)
  • Use tools that fit their hands and height. (Have you ever seen a child grab a broom by the handle? It’s usually at least twice their height and difficult to control. I imagine it would be hard!)

Item: Let’s Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop! by Melissa and Doug

Let the good times roll! Or in this case sweep;)

  • Broom- sweep, sweep, sweep and maybe the occasional flight around the room on your flying broomstick.
  • Mop- no more spills here! Did someone mention a horse ride?
  • Duster- cobwebs are no more with this duster in sight. There may also be outbursts of singing into the microphone, ahem, duster.
  • Dust pan that can be attached to any of the handles! Need I say more?
  • Brush- preferably to gather up crumbs and like materials found on the floor. I’d avoid using this one to tame your hair.
  • Storage stand- everything has a home.

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Kitchen Pretend Play Accessories

Benefitstoy vegetables

  • Inspires imagination. (Let them take on the role of chef and see what delightful ‘meals’ they produce!)
  • Encourages them to copy behaviors they see in adults with cooking materials. (One instance you do want the to copy your actions:))
  • Lifelike play, they get to use their own knife and cutting board to cut vegetables, fill the pots, put things in the microwave, etc.
  • Provides a hands-on experience.

Item: Kids Kitchen Playset by CHAREADA

  • Pots and pans- let the banging begin!
  • Cooking Utensils- for stirring, mixing, flipping, you name it.
  • 2 aprons- invite a friend to play!
  • Play vegetables- they stick together and can be ‘cut’ apart.
  • Knife and cutting board- chop chop!
  • Salt and pepper shakers- to add a little spice to their cooking…. and play.

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Kitchen Appliances

Benefitskitchen appliances

  • Provides realistic experiences with using kitchen appliances.
  • Presents a safe way to learn how each appliance works.
  • Real water can be used in the mixer and blender.
  • Offers practice with turning knobs and pushing buttons– in a way that is not only acceptable, but encouraged!


 Item: Assorted Kitchen Appliance Toys by JOYIN

  • Mixer- has beaters that actually spins! (Takes 2 AA batteries, not included)
  • Toaster- put the toast in and set the timer, when the time’s up the toast will pop up.
  • Blender- you can actually mix things up in it! I wouldn’t go too crazy though. (Takes 2 AA batteries, not included)
  • Play food- ‘eat’ all you want, no one’s tracking your pretend food intake!

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Wooden Grill and BBQ


  • Creates another avenue to self-express.
  • Inspires the imagination.
  • Can help improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Numerous options for additional learning and play. For example, the child could categorize the items into food and utensils.


Item: Wooden Grill and Serve BBQ Set by Melissa and Doug

  • Spatula and Tongs- easy for little hands to hold on to.
  • Wooden Meat- has cooked/uncooked sides to make the experience even more realistic.
  • Utensils- the toy knife allows you to cut some of the items.
  • Toppings to put with the grilled meats.
  • Checkered Serving Mat- answers the question “where do we eat?”

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Dish Dryer Set

Benefitsdish dryer

  • Offers great practice for washing and drying dishes. (A skill you’ll look forward to having them share in your kitchen!)
  • Intended to look just like the real thing, once again they can mimic mom and dad!
  • The items can be used with real food, if desired. Kids love to have their own dishes.
  • Provides practice with organizing things such as dishes in a dish drainer.


Item: Kids Kitchen Pretend Play Dish Wash and Dry

  • Dish Drainer- who doesn’t like things to have a ‘home’ space? Great for organizing everything!
  • Plates- colorful and fun, why not throw an edible treat on them?
  • Utensils- yum yum.
  • Cups- refill time!
  • Dish Detergent- you definitely need some great cleaning products to keep things in tip-top condition. (Or at least great look alike products.)
  • Teapot- Adds to the excitement of a ‘tea party’ atmosphere.

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A child can play with each of these items by themselves, with friends, and/or with adults! Look forward to hours of educational playtime!

Have you tried any of these items? If not, which one would you be interested in trying? Please share your comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Playful Kids Kitchen Toys and Accessories”

  1. Great article! With two grand children I am always on the look-out for toys that stimulate the imagination. These fit the bill and then some!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. This is not the first time I have visited your website, I always am so impressed with your choice of educational toys for children. What amazes me is you share the most awesome learning toys I would never know to exist if I had not read your articles.

    I never had any little girls, so the kitchen toys and accessories are brand new to me. I do hope to have some grandchildren one day, so I am learning so much about what toys are available by reading your blog posts.


    • Hi Jeff!
      I am so glad you find value in the articles I am sharing, it is great to see you return to find more information! I hope you will have grandkids to share these toys with in the near future, there are certainly so many fun options!

  3. I work with Foster Families and I see how busy their homes are especially when moms are trying to get things done! I love the ideas for items that can assist with imaginative play. There’s so many amazing toys! Makes me want to be a kid again.

    • It takes me back to my childhood days also! They have so many options for awesome learning opportunities right alongside their parents/guardians. I’d love for you to share my website with people you work with, in hopes of sharing new ideas they could try with their kiddos.

  4. I think educational toys are a great way to inspire imagination and to get your kids to explore new things! That said I remember how as a kid I loved two kinds of toys. Anything technical like legos and sciences sets etc. and then toy guns. Yup, guns. Now my parents are pretty much pacifists so they didn’t really like this. But fortunately, they are also smart!

    They let me play with my toy guns and later on with BB guns. I still play video games that involve shooting as an adult but I’m actually a pacifist my self. I don’t accept any form of violence and I could not shoot an animal, let alone another human being. Why I’m telling you this “weird” subject is that what we are interested as kids doesn’t necessarily mean anything as an adult. I never wanted to hurt anything or anyone as a kid either, I just liked guns, ha!

    I’m rambling a bit here but finally, I think the best educational environment is nature! Kids sit in front of the screen way too much these days and are connected on their phones. Nothing is better for the imagination that playing in nature and observing animals, plants, etc.

    • Educational toys are definitely a great way to inspire the imagination! I do agree that screens can be overused with kids, so letting them discover and explore on their own can encourage and help in many areas.

  5. Heidi. Great information and product. I have 6 grand children with more coming. the opportunities you are offering are excellent. I like them because they create interaction instead of using the TV. One of the best opportunities for children is to be creative and communicate of their own accord. Everything you have does that. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Stephen! That is awesome you have 6 grandkids with more coming. I hope these will give you some more things to do with kiddos when they come to visit!


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