Revealing 5 Creative Toys for Toddlers

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Do you have a toddler that is always on the go?I feel ya! Most little ones are on the go all. the. time. Don’t blink or they will have that drawer emptied and strewn across the room! They certainly keep us on our toes, trying to stay one step ahead of their curious explorations. Well, if you’re looking for ideas on how to keep them happy and busy… you’ve come to the right place! See which of these ideas and creative toys for toddlers stands out to you!

Creative Toys for toddlers- toddler with basket on head

Let’s chat about a few topics like pretend play, helping kids jump into play, musical fun and good ole’ learning and discovery.

When do toddlers begin to Pretend Play?

Pretend play is when our kiddos act out something they have imagined. Whether that be by themselves, with other people, or using toys.

Many toddlers begin to pretend play between the ages of 18-24. Their pretend play usually looks like role-play. This is just an average age range, because clearly kids may do so before and/or after that time frame!

Creative Toys for toddlers- toddlers begin to pretend play

For example, my daughter is 17 months old and for the past while she has really gotten into pretend play! Everything she talks into becomes a phone ie. comb, calculator, stuffed animal, banana, pen, etc.

Her favorite is the calculator! (Likely because it most resembles our cell phones with the shape and buttons to push.) She’ll walk around jabbering away and occasionally throw in a “hi!” or “daddy!”

She “eats” things out of a book, from an empty bowl with a spoon, and whatever else comes to her mind. She’ll pretend to pick something up and “feed” it to her dad and I. She has also now taken to cleaning and sweeping the floor (at least giving her best attempts!). It is amazing to see how much she has already picked up on. As the saying goes, kids will watch and mimic everything you do….it’s so true!

Toys to Encourage Pretend Play

Just like you in the kitchen with this Sink & Stove Set

what a great way to inspire pretend play and let your little one wash and cook right alongside you! This could be an awesome toy to let them safely play, cook, and wash dishes, all while splashing in water.

It comes with 10 pieces and the faucet really works!

Recommended for ages 3+.

Mini Shopping Carts for your growing shoppers

Little Tikes Role Play Cozy Coupe Shopping Cart
Little Tikes Role Play Princess Cozy Coupe Shopping Cart

These cute shopping carts are recommended for kiddos between 18-36 months.

Get those little ones shopping! I’m sure your kids want to be just like you. 😉 When I cook, I often wear an apron. As a result my daughter wants to wear an apron too! When you go shopping, you often push a cart. Now your little one can have their own cart and get their own shopping done. One great way to add to the fun is to set items out around the room/house and let your little shopper get to gathering! (The real trick will be convincing them they don’t need to take their own cart to the actual grocery store!)

How can I get my toddler to play with toys?

This may not apply to you. Maybe you have a kiddo that jumps right in and loves to play with anything set before them, that’s great! Every child is different, their own unique little person. This is a wonderful thing, but it can make it difficult when they don’t do something we expect them to just do. Like, playing with toys.

Creative Toys for toddlers- parents and child playing

If you have a little one that doesn’t seem too interested in playing with toys, try getting on the floor with them! As with many things in life, sometimes our kiddos just need someone (us) to show them how and play along (literally, in this case:)).

Another trick to try is to limit the amount of toys that are out and available at the same time. A little tike can get overwhelmed by having too many options! Keep a few out and rotate the other toys in over time. Your child won’t be overwhelmed and they’ll get “new” toys all the time!

Get your little builder building with blocks

Here’s your chance to get on the floor and build with your kiddo!

If your “mini me” is anything like mine, he/she loves to build things up….and quickly knock them down. (Sometimes we can’t build it up fast enough and she’s already knocking things over!)

Give them a chance to put their creative thinking caps on and experiment with building all sorts of things.

Build Up and Away Block

The different sizes, shapes, and colors will also add to their learning boxes as they explore and discover. My little one enjoys stacking a whole variety of objects, so building blocks are right up her alley!

Music is where it’s at!

Speaking of creativity, have you ever handed your toddler a musical instrument of any kind? Oh the joy they feel!

Some musical instruments may not have started out that way, but with a little imagination and creativity nearly everything can be used to make music.

Buckets, pans, spoons, and dishes crashing onto the floor (keep an ear out for that one! Some things aren’t meant to make music;))

Music is yet another awesome thing to explore. There is so much to learn from musical instruments! I love to see little faces light up when you hand them an instrument. They love them! Find other great musical instruments for toddlers here.

Creative Toys for Toddlers, isn’t this fun?!

The best learning happens as we explore, discover, and create. All the while understanding more about this big world around us. It can be tricky trying to think up new ideas to keep our kids learning and growing. Luckily we can work together and share ideas, this parenting deal was never meant to be a solo path!

Which creative toys does your child like to play with?

Please share in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Revealing 5 Creative Toys for Toddlers”

  1. Those shopping carts are sooo cute. Thanks for sharing the story and video, she is a lovely toddler.
    I enjoy the imaginations of children. My granddaughter cannot form words yet, but she will set there in your arms and try to talk. I just talk back like I understand and she smiles back at me like she is happy someone is listening 🤗
    Thank you for listing these fun toys.
    Gonna have to get one of those shopping carts when she starts walking😀

    • Thank you! I love the “conversations” you can have with toddlers! They definitely feel like they are conversing with you and their reactions are too cute. I’ll bet your granddaughter would love a shopping cart in the future!

  2. My son loves musical instruments, I got him some set that I found on Amazon and he loves them. He also likes to use the table and any item he can find to “drum” 😁.

    These here are great ideas to add. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh fun, drums are usually quite the hit with kids! That is great that he loves musical instruments. I’m glad you found more ideas to add to the fun!

  3. All these toys for toddlers are fantastic, I would say my top pick would be the trolley! My kids still love nothing better than playing shop and they are now 6 and 8 years old so that will stay a firm favourite toy for many years to come.

  4. Hey Heidi

    Fantastic post and very insightful stuff 🙂

    My little ones are now 7 and 5 yo but I remember only too well the wonderful way they learned how the world worked and I particularly giggled when you said your wee one plays with the calculator thinking it is a cell phone 😂

    Also some really good products you have provided, the building blocks were my sons ‘go to’ toy when he was bored. His little imagination while creating all sorts was a joy to see.

    Really enjoyed reading this and will look forward to seeing more great stuff from you.

    Thanks Steven

    • Thank you so much, Steven! Kiddos are so fun! It really is awesome to watch them figure things out. That is great to hear your son liked building blocks, that is definitely a popular favorite. I look forward to seeing you back here!

  5. Hi! I love your site. I really wish I had this when my kids were younger. Toddlers move fast and with a blink of an eye, your house can go from clean to messy. I am glad I can use your site for gift for friends with toddlers. Thank you!

    • Yes, you totally understand! Toddlers are quick little people. Please do use it as gifts and feel free to share the site with any friends you think would benefit! Thanks!

  6. Hi,
    This is such a great post. I have a baby cousin at home and she loves to pretend play. I even help her dress up like a superhero by putting a cape around her. Your post is really relatable as she, herself has her own kitchen set and loves to pretend cook. She actually made countless meals for me in her kitchen.

    Your posts also shares some really helpful advice to soon-to-be parents. Thank you for sharing this information with me. Great job and keep up the good work.

    • That is so fun! I’m sure your cousin LOVES to dress up like a superhero! Oh yes, pretend cooking is definitely a favorite for the little ones. They are great pretend cooks! I’m so happy you found helpful information, feel free to pass it on to others you feel could benefit.


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