Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected

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Are you looking for ways to help your kids stay connected to others? Here are some great ideas on following the rules of social distancing and keeping kids connected through technology! These are things you could do as a family or that you could help coordinate for your kids.

FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom

Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected- computer screens connecting people

FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom are all examples of resources that can be used as an amazing way to stay connected with others! Many schools, companies, and families are already using these tools to connect with one another. Isn’t technology great?!

Read a Story Together

My mom has grandkids that live in another state, so she uses Google Hangouts to read a story with them every now and then. Oft times they each have a copy of the book so the grandkids can follow along as grandma reads. 🙂

Do a Video Chat

Call up a family member or friend that live down the street or across the country. Catch up on what’s happening and give yourselves the opportunity to laugh! I really enjoy talking with my family members and we always find reasons to laugh together. As the saying goes “laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter is something that can make any hard time or difficult situation a little lighter and more manageable!

Sing Songs and Play Music

Who says you can’t have your own virtual band? Invite your child to pull out their drum set (or pan and spoon set) and get their cousins on the line with pianos, shakers, and whistles. No promises on how the sound will blend together, but be prepared for lots of giggles!

Use Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are certainly not a new thing, but they sure can come in handy. Put those picture-taking skills to use!

Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected- cell phone

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected- virtual scavenger hunt checklist

Create a list of common household items. After the list has been shared, each person needs to find each item at their house and take a picture with it. The first person to share all of their pictures wins. (What does the winner get? You choose! maybe a virtual high five;)) You are welcome to start with this checklist! For more fun pictures, you could include ideas from these 27 Home Activities for Kids.




Action Scavenger HuntSocial Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected- children washing dishes

Adding a slight twist to the virtual scavenger hunt, this one is all about doing. Take pictures of yourself doing certain things. IE. jumping jacks, push-ups, building a tower out of pillows and blankets, doing a headstand, putting a slinky down the stairs, etc.

**Parents, you could really use this one to your advantage! Tasks could include things like washing dishes, folding laundry, and making a bed.

Movie Stars

Make your own movie, you can even skip the editing! This can be as simple as pulling out your cell phone and videoing your family members recreating a scene from a favorite movie then sharing it with others who will enjoy it! Or letting your kids write their own script/story and using props and costumes from around the house. You can always get a little fancier and bring in computer editing skills and music. It’s all up for grabs! Once you’ve decided and completed your movie, share it so others can enjoy it!

Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected- movie reel

Video Tag

You may not be close enough to play the timeless game of tag in person, but you can start a game of video tag! How does this work? Its pretty straightforward.

Create a short video of yourself and/or your family doing something IE. Making a human pyramid, handstands, cartwheels, decorating cookies, playing a card game, passing a ball, etc. The ‘what’ part isn’t as important as the ‘why’ to enjoy an activity and bring a smile to someone else’s face!

Once you’ve completed your video, send it off to a family member or friend with a challenge to video themselves doing an activity. Ask them to send it back to you AND forward it on with a challenge to someone else. This could spread lots of fun and laughter!


Pen Pal

Find someone or a group of people across the world and start writing! Having a pen pal can be a fun way to share what is happening in your part of the world and to learn about others. With the vast amount of technology we have available to us, you could easily share pictures as well. Share things you like to do, eat, watch, read, etc. You could get extra fancy and have a theme each week such as favorite foods, common modes of transportation, and It could be a great opportunity to learn about different cultures with your kids!

Share Positive Messages

Share something positive on social media every day. As you share, encourage others to comment with their own happy thoughts/observations from their lives. Some days may be harder than others, this could be something as simple as seeing the sun come out from behind the clouds. 🙂

Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected-positive message

Send Happy Notes

Everyone likes to feel loved. Sending a happy note to someone can do just that! These can be simple notes of encouragement sent via text, snail mail, email, etc. As a family you could choose a few people each week to write notes to. This could be anyone you feel could benefit- which is really everyone:) Younger children can participate by adding drawings to be sent with the notes.

Create a Comic

One person writes the commentary/story and the other person draws the pictures to go along with it. This could easily be done virtually. Just set the camera up to where your drawing/writing can be seen by the other person! Once the masterpiece is complete, take a picture and send it to the other person. Many devices also have a nice scan feature that allows you to capture just the page you’d like to share and not the table/desk around it.

Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected-comic

Write That Story

Co-author a story together! Each person takes a turn adding onto the story. You can have as many people participate as you’d like. The first person starts it out by writing a few sentences. The next person adds to the text, continuing the story. Google Docs would be an excellent way to write this type of story because everyone would instantly see the updates!

Sidewalk ChalkSocial Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected- sidewalk chalk

Spread joy through happy messages and pictures using sidewalk chalk! You can do it on your driveway, sidewalk, etc. Neighbors glancing out their windows/walking by will enjoy also enjoy it!

Take pictures and share it through text messages, social media, and email. Just imagine all the smiles you could help create!

* Virtual Scavenger Hunt Riddle Answers*

Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected- virtual scavenger hunt riddle answers

What great things are you doing to stay virtually connected with others? Please share in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Social Distancing and Keeping Kids Connected”

  1. Wow! I like the list. This is the information I am looking for to keep kids connected.
    I have been thinking about what to keep them occupied so they will not feel bored. I do not want them to spend too much time on computer games.
    I am going to use all your ideas. They are so interesting and I am excited to see the results. I am sure my kids are going to have lots of fun 😊

    Thank you.

    • That is fantastic to hear! My goal is to help parents (especially at this time) find more fun ideas to do with their kiddos. I’d love to hear how it goes for you and your kids! Feel free to share this post with others that could enjoy the activities as well:)

  2. Hi,

    It’s wonderful that we have the internet, especially now. I work in a school and this week I have been giving online classes. I shared a video of me teaching on Google Drive with my students. We also used documents on Google Drive. And I also had students make videos of them presenting a PowerPoint. It ended up being fun. I enjoyed doing it, and a few students gave me positive comments too 🙂

    Within families you can stay in touch via whatssapp conference call, video calls, share videos on YouTube, etc. There are so many possibilities. Even though we are alone at home we don’t have to be alone all the time 🙂

    • It is such a great help to have the internet! My hat is off to you during this crazy time for finding great ways to teach online and connect with your students! I am happy to hear your students have given positive feedback with the things you have been doing. 

      Google Drive is an awesome way to share/receive content. Having your students make a video doing a presentation is a brilliant way to use technology and keep the learning going!

      Thank you for sharing other great options for families to stay in touch. It is important we stay in contact with others!

  3. I love these ideas! Some of these we are already doing, but others, like the video tag, are such an inventive and fun way to help keep everyone connected.

    I also love the idea of writing a story together. Reminds me of a game that I used to play when I was in elementary school. Each person would say 2-3 sentences of a story and then you move to the next person. You never knew where the story was going to go and what someone might come up with. Such a good idea to do it on Google Docs so that everyone can see, share, and enjoy.

    Finding ways to stay connected is expecially important right now since we are being forced to keep apart for the safety of all. These are even things that adults can do as well, not just kids.

    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas with us 🙂

    • Yes, I did stories like that in school as well! Now it’s fun to be able to do it with technology. It is so true, now more than ever we are wanting to stay connected to others- even as we keep our distance. I am so glad you found some new ideas to try! And you make a great point, adults could definitely do these as well. These could be fun for many people!


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