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There are many exciting products out there that offer learning experiences for our children! This page includes a few supportive products based on my previous articles about social skills. I’d highly recommend reading them so the things I mention below make sense!

Delightful Social Skills Activities for Kids!

9 Essential Social Skills for Kids- Success starts early!

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Games are a fun way to spend time with your children and can provide learning opportunities as you play.

These are some suggested games that help create great memories and teach skills (like taking turns) all at the same time!

  • Memory
  • Simon Says
  • Red Light/Green Light
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Candyland
  • Uno (there are many different versions of Uno!)

Uno happens to be one of my family’s favorite games and we recently added the Uno Flip! version to our collection! It has added a whole new aspect to the game!



Puzzles catch our eye from the time we are learning to walk through our adult years. The range of style and difficulty attract people of all ages. With the range of people comes a variety of benefits.

One benefit to letting a child do a puzzle is they get to practice patience! Puzzles generally take time and patience is a great life skill for kids to learn.

Additional benefits to playing with puzzles include:

  • problem solving
  • hand-eye coordination
  • working with others
  • recognizing shapes and colors
  • developing and sharpening fine motor skills
  • feeling a sense of accomplishment upon completing a puzzle

Puzzle Master Incorporated has a HUGE variety of puzzles of all types. Click on the image below to check it out!

Puzzle Master Incorporated


Treasure Chest

Who doesn’t love an exciting and adventurous treasure hunt?! This could be a great way to encourage children to work together as they solve clues and seek for treasure.

The beauty of a treasure hunt is that there are no set “rules” on what you can find or where it will be found. Send the children on a quest to find all the letters of the alphabet or specific shapes found in real life (like a triangle shape on playground equipment).

These two treasure chests by Melissa and Doug could give any treasure hunt just that hint more of magic and play!

Wooden Pirate Chest Craft Kit

Wooden Pirate Chest








There are many purposes for using playdough! This is something that can be formed (literally!) to meet your child’s needs. The original suggested use that brought us here was in the above-mentioned article (Delightful Social Skills Activities for Kids!) about creating faces to express emotions.

Other advantageous ways to use playdough:

  • Creating faces to express emotions
  • Rolling out the numbers for math equations
  • Showing answers to math equations
  • Forming letters to make words
  • Making shapes
  • Showcasing an animal
  • Building buildings
  • Creating a character from a book or movie
  • A chance to Be CREATIVE!

Take a look at this fun playdough set!

I hope you have found some fun things to enrich the play time with your children!

Please leave your comments or questions below! Did you try any of these products? How did you like them?

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