Choosing The Best Subscription Boxes For Toddlers

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Let me guess, you have a little one you are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of. This little one is curious about everything and wants to inspect all kinds of things they come across. Sounding familiar? Yeah, I totally understand! Most toddlers are very active and it can be a bit tiring keeping them happy and busy. To help you, I have gathered some subscription boxes for toddlers to save you some time and energy in looking for activities and ideas.

Subscription boxes for toddlers, toddler blowing bubbles

Why are subscription boxes so popular?

Subscription boxes offer variety! Most people like to try new things, get new things, and learn new things. A subscription box can help do each of those without you having to do a lot of research and preparation. For toddlers, basically everything is new to them so it’s all exciting!

Do you like saving time? You’re in good company! Most of us want to get more done in less time, so we can get the most out of our day. Signing up for a subscription box can do just that, help you get more done in less time.

Instead of spending your time searching for fun activities or books for your toddler, then spending more time buying the materials/books, you could get a subscription box and have activities/materials/books/etc show up at your door ready to rock.

subscription boxes for toddlers- saving time

Are there subscription boxes for toddlers?

The short answer… yes! Toddlers are often curious little people who just want to explore and learn about the world around them. Subscription boxes have become more popular as parents find that coming up with ideas, finding the materials, and doing different activities all the time to keep their young explorer busy can be hard to keep up with!

subscription boxes for toddlers- kids with a project

The subscription takes the guess work out of what to do next and delivers the materials you’ll need right to your door. If you’re curious about how a subscription box works, read this.

Take a look at these fun subscription boxes below. Coming from Cratejoy and Kiwico, these boxes are sure to deliver hours of fun and learning for your toddler!

How do I pick the right box for my toddler?

Now that we’ve talked a bit about why people like subscription boxes and we’ve established that there are some fun ones for toddlers, how do you go about picking one? Here comes the fun, even for you!

Below, I have shared several different options your toddler just might like. One important thing to think about first is how old your child is. If your kiddo is 18 months old, the Panda Crate would probably be a great fit because each month’s boxes are put together based on their age and developmental stage. It basically grows with them up until 24 months.

subscription boxes for toddlers- asking questions

Next, you can consider your kiddo’s likes and dislikes. If they really enjoy music, the Songbird Box could be a fun match because it is all about music! They have a box for babies and toddlers and another for kids 3-6, this one could last for awhile.

Then, you can decide if your toddler likes doing crafts and activities. If so, the Curiosity Box – The Discovery Craft and Educational Box, could be a lot of fun for them. Or yet another option for fun crafts is The Create Kit, I know- too many choices!

Take a minute to browse through the boxes below, with your child in mind you just might find a great fit! Keep in mind, you can always just order one box to see how it goes then continue with the subscription if your kiddo enjoys it. If they don’t like it, it’s easy to switch to another box.

Now on to browsing!

Panda Crate

Stage-Specific Quality Products in Every Crate for 0-24 month olds

What is the theme? Build a Foundation for Learning

Who is it for? 0-24 months

What’s in the box? products specific to your child’s age and stage, a magazine, and activity cards. Find more information and see pictures here.


Curiosity Box Kids USA

Curiosity Box Kids USA – $29.22

from: Cratejoy

What is the theme? The Discovery Craft and Educational Box

Who is it for? 2-4 year olds

What’s in the box? 2 craft kits, 1 book, 1 activity, extra activity sheets, novelties and tinker toys, instructional brochure, a bonus STEAM activity, and fun facts.

Songbird Box

Songbird Box – $40.00

from: Cratejoy

What is the theme? Music Lessons For Kids

Who is it for? Babies and toddlers

What’s in the box? An instrument, rhythm scarf, book of nursery rhymes and a plush toy.

The Create Kit

A Theresa Haddow, LLC Product

What is the theme? Handcrafting Happiness With Your Child

Who is it for? 1-5 year olds

What’s in the box? supplies for crafts and a developmental guide

We Made it!

Congratulations on making it through! You’ve now learned some new things and have all the information you need to get your toddler started on their very own subscription box.

Now that you have that done, what can you do in the meantime? Try some other activities of course! If your toddler is anything like mine, he/she is always ready for another adventure. Have fun!

subscription boxes for toddlers-fireworks

Which subscription has your toddler liked the most? If you haven’t tried one yet, which one would they enjoy? Please share in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Choosing The Best Subscription Boxes For Toddlers”

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Hope you are well? This post was very good and useful. I had no idea you could get subscription boxes for kids activities. Mind blown!

    It really does take out the hard work for any parents and the cost is also very reasonable.

    Do these guys have a UK facility they ship from or is it just USA?

    • Hello! I’m so glad you now know that you their are subscription boxes for kids! Great for everyone all around:)

      Great question! KiwiCo ships all around the world, when you select a box on their website such as the Panda Crate there is a drop-down menu in the top right corner that allows you to change the country the box(es) will be delivered to. I hope you are able to find the best one for your toddler! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Wow! This is great, I have finally seen a solution to my 4year old niece. She’s always all over me and is always exploring and trying to do new things at some point I couldn’t focus on any other thing than her. She really likes music too so I think I’ll be getting her the song bird box. Once again thank you for this!

    • That is fantastic! I’m so glad you found a fun subscription box that would fit your niece’s interests and age. I would love to hear how it goes when she gets it!

  3. Hello there thanks for this informative review, it’s really helpful to me and some other persons who had no clue about the subscription box. You all will agree with me that children from  age 1 to 5 are  are very curious and want to do what ever they see the there older ones doing  do even knowing if it’s wrong or right, and this subscription box is really going to help them Learn  what they are  supposed to know at that age. 

    • That is a good point. Young children definitely watch and follow after their older siblings. Anything we can do to help them learn the right things is a step in the right direction! These subscription boxes are definitely a fun way to teach them all kinds of things. Thank you for commenting!

  4. Thanks for bringing the advert or review, I will need a good box for niece. I don’t how I can the determine the best box for her, I want give one on her birthday. I love your writing skills, it’s growing better everyday. Your review is extremely informative, educative, keep sharing great stuff so other will buy your stuff. 

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am happy to help you find the best box for your niece. How old is she turning? What kinds of things does she like to do?


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