Green Kid Crafts Review, In or Out?

Green Kid Crafts Review- box picture

What does STEAM/ STEM have to do with art projects and science experiments? How does this relate to my kids in my own home? What great questions! Let’s find out together as we explore the part these play in the education world and in your home through this Green Kid Crafts Review. What is STEAM? … Read more

Kiwi Crate Review, Is It Worth It?

Kiwi Crate Review- young girl doing a project

Kiwi Crate Unboxing Video Final Thoughts on our Kiwi Crate Review There you have it! We’ve covered the ins and outs of the Kiwi Crate and had some fun along the way. Kiwi Crate – Tinker, Create and Innovate These crates are made for kids ages 5-8, but as we talked about, they may be … Read more

Awesome STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids

Awesome STEM subscription boxes for kids

STEM is a pretty big deal out there in the education world. Between wanting the best for our kids and finding ways to teach them a variety of skills, we are sometimes stuck trying to think up new things. How could this blog be helpful in exploring new paths? Read on! Come along as we … Read more