13 Water Toys For Kids That You Need To Get This Summer

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If you’re on the lookout for some fun water toys for kids that you can get to help create awesome memories with your kids, then you’ve come to the right spot!

There is nothing better than having a fun water activity to do when the sun is blazing outside!

water toys for kids- inflatable pool

My childhood was filled with jumping on a trampoline with sprinklers running underneath, swimming in all kinds of pools, water balloons and water guns, and many other great ways of staying cool while having a blast! Here are some fun options, check these out.

13 Water Toys For Kids

Inflatable Play Day 3-Ring Pool

This is not a new idea, but it is always a great one!

We recently got one of these pools for our daughter and she is loving it! It is big enough that she can walk around and play in it, but not deep enough to cause any concern.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space in our backyard and isn’t hard to set up!

water toys for kids- slide and inflatable pool

One of her favorite activities is sliding right down into the water. We’ve also found that taking some of her plastic balls and bath toys out to the pool have added another element of excitement. Umm, can you say fun?!

While we’re on the topic, these are some other favorite toddler activities :).

Ultimate Dual Waterslide

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This waterslide is wide enough for two kids to slide down at the same time and finishes in a splash pool.

It sprays water along the sides so your kids can jump right in and sail down the waterslide.

As with similar items, you’ll need a garden hose to hook it up to a water source.

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with this 25 ft waterslide in your backyard!

Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

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Somewhere over the rainbow… or should we say under the rainbow?

Make a splash with this fun Rainbow sprinkler! It attaches right to your garden hose so the kiddos can hop into action, running and dancing through the sprinklers.

Lots of giggles and smiles heading your way with this sprinkler in your yard.

Keep in mind there isn’t a pump included and you will need one to inflate it.

Fountain Splashpad Sprinkler

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This one is sure to bring a smile to your little ones as they cool down in their own little splash pad and get lightly sprayed with water that shoots out from the rim.

You’ll just need to inflate it with a pump, hook it up to a hose and then watch the smiles spread across their faces!

Water Rover All Terrain Remote Control Car

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Does your kiddo enjoy remote control cars AND the pool? Then this may be just the thing! A car made to go in the water?! Well that sounds super cool!

This car can go all over, including doing stunts in the pool. I have a feeling this one will become a favorite for more than just your kids;)

You will need to supply the batteries to let it do its thing.

Inflatable Super Backyard Waterslide

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This one pairs well with your pool or you can use it to slide right onto the grass. Hook it up to your hose and the slippery fun begins!

It inflates and deflates quickly, which is handy when you want to get things going or you are done with it and want to put it away quickly.

inflatable Tire Run With Sprinkler

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Are you up for some tire hopping?

This is a fun sprinkler that gives you 8 inflatable tires to jump through and lets you get a little wet at the same time.

If desired, you could use this one all year round. Just disconnect the sprinkler and keep on hopping!

Spark Shark Fish Hunt pool game

^Click on the picture to see the current price^

This is a simple and fun game! Throw the little fish into the pool and the race is on to see who can gather up the most fish with their shark net.

It also includes other game ideas you can do with 1 child or up to 7. On your mark….. get set….. Go!

Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun

icon iconicon

^Click on the picture to see the current price^

You can use this as a sand or water funnel.

Dump your material of choice into the top and watch it make its way down through the different parts.

It would be fun to try over and over again and even has a handle to carry it around!

Spark Shark Toss and Catch Pool Toy

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^Click on the picture to see the current price^

This is a great throw and catch game with nets and foam balls.

It can be played in the pool or on dry ground, take it wherever you go!

Bunch O Balloons- 350 Rapid-Fill Water Balloons

You can’t have a list of water toys and not include balloons! They are one of the classics!

Do you remember growing up having to individually blow up each balloon and tie it off? It could take hours if you wanted enough to have a decent water balloon fight.

This one takes the hard work out and leaves the fun. You can have 100 balloons tied and filled within 60 seconds! *Mind blown*

Step 2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

This one has 2 bins of water that, when filled, create a little waterfall.

Lots of fun for the little ones to splash in and play with the extra pieces that are included.

It is also big enough to let multiple kids play, which is always extra great!

An added bonus is the umbrella included to attach on those extra hot days. We like having fun in the sun, but it’s also nice to play in the shade.

Foam Water Shooters

Water guns made of foam that can shoot up to 31 feet!

They are easy to fill up and don’t leak, so you can use all the water for aiming into the air or at your friend.

Electric Pump

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Many of these great activities are in need of one particular item to get them up and going, a pump!

This one comes with different nozzles and plugs right into your outlet. No more worries about getting lightheaded from trying to blow something up yourself 😉

With so many fun options you are bound to find a water toy or two that your kids can enjoy! You never know, you just might find yourself joining in on the fun- adults need to stay ‘cool’ too!

If you find your kids in between laughs with the water toys and looking for something new to do, try some of these activities to mix things up a bit and keep the smiles coming!

Which water toys do your kids like? Please share in the comments below!

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