What’s the Scoop on Toy Musical Instruments?

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Are you wondering why you should provide toy musical instruments for your children? What’s the big deal with musical toys?

Music is one thing that can bridge any gap culture, language, beliefs, etc. Find more insight here on The Value and Importance of Music for Children.

Now for the real reason you are here, what’s the scoop? Read on to uncover 12 reasons to dig a little deeper!

12 Terrific Reasons to Learn and Grow with Toy Musical Instruments!

1. Strengthens Memory SkillsMusical Instruments for Toddlers-lifting weights

Music is a powerful way to teach and recall a variety of things on a myriad of topics. Think back to learning the alphabet, it is likely you learned some version of the ‘ABC” song…and the bonus part is- you can still sing it!

Children (and youth and adults, okay people) thrive on songs and rhythms. Have you ever been listening to the radio and a song comes on and takes you back to a memorable moment in your life? You have just experienced the connecting power of music! Now imagine what it can do for your kiddos!

2. Enriches Emotional Wellbeing

Listening to music can help create a calm atmosphere that can be very helpful in soothing an upset child or to encourage them to get excited about something. It can help them begin to understand their own feelings a little better. Feelings can be a foreign world to children!

Kids and Emotions, What do I do?!

Playing music can provide an avenue of self-expression not otherwise possible for little ones that are not able to use many words yet or people who continue to struggle with speaking. They don’t have to speak to show how they feel through an instrument!

It can be hard for us, as adults, to imagine what it was like to not be able to express ourselves through words- very frustrating!

3. Presents Opportunities to Learn

Curiosity in children often leads to discovery and creation.

With toy instruments, they may start out passively listening to music, then switch over to participating. The time children spend with toy musical instruments could translate into playing (and mastering!) actual instruments and then onward from there.

Some children may find a passion for music and seek out other instruments to learn or their own music to create. These interactions with varying types of instruments could open other doors of curiosity children may want to explore. You never know where musical instruments might take you!

Musical Instruments for Toddlers-girl playing violin

4. Inspires Creativity

Children love to figure out new things. As toddlers, they mash their lunch food items together, just to see what will happen.

With instruments, they bang and shake, even if that wasn’t the intended use for that particular instrument. They might use drum sticks on the guitar or play the piano with their elbows. Let them explore! Nurturing their creative minds will encourage them to try new things in other areas of life as well.

Children are better at thinking ‘outside the box.’ Something happens as we get older and many adults lose their creative thinking skills, do all you can to inspire creativity and keep that wheel spinning!

5. Improves PatienceMusical Instruments for Toddlers-boy waiting

Patience is a valuable thing to learn! Though your children won’t often see that value (especially the younger ones!), it can still be taught and learned though playing musical instruments.

If you have a limited number of instruments, children can take turns playing with them and practice patience in waiting for their turn.

As they get older and begin exploring the real version of these instruments, they will apply that patience as they realize that mastering an instrument takes time. We frequently find that the things we want most in life will take time and effort to achieve. Teaching this from a young age can be very beneficial to your kiddos!

6. Increases Self-Confidence and Decision-Making Skills

As your children experiment with various musical instruments, they will encounter questions like: How do I push these keys at the right time so it sounds good? Which string should I pluck to make that sound again? Where do I hit the drums to make a different sound? Which instrument do I like playing?

As they test ideas, they will gain more self-confidence in their ability to think of and try out new things that work. They’ll get practice in making decisions with seemingly unimportant things, Which drum should I hit next? that could lay the groundwork for the process of making bigger decisions as they get older.

drum set

7. Reduces Stress

We all need an outlet from the stresses of life. Sadly, children are also prone to feeling stress, though they normally don’t understand quite what is happening or why they are feeling this way.

Musical instruments can be a stress reliever. Sometimes just (safely) banging on things can make you feel better! The repetition of strumming a guitar or plunking on a piano can also offer the comfort of familiarity when things may feel confusing.

Finding new things to learn and do can provide a great distraction for children. It gives a new focus for their attention and fresh experiences to grow from.

8. Strengthens RelationshipsMusical Instruments for Toddlers-mother and daughter

Think about the time, coordination, and teamwork it takes for a band to work together and produce music that sounds good.

As toddlers, children may not grasp the concept of hitting, strumming, banging or shaking at a particular time to work together with others to create a harmonious sound. But they can feel joy in spending time with others while doing a fun activity, like playing musical instruments!

The time you spend playing instruments with your child and the time they spend with other children will have a positive impact on them and will hopefully help create great memories!

9. Develops Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Every instrument requires the use of different parts of the body.

For example, the violin may require fine motor skills to hold the bow at the right angle and pluck the strings correctly. Drums can require strength and use of your whole body! Playing drums could also potentially help children who struggle to learn to control their movements.

Giving your children the chance to try out several different types of instruments could benefit them in developing these skills in addition to the other valuable benefits mentioned.

10. Broadens Exposure

Playing with toy instruments can give kiddos experiences they may not otherwise have.Musical Instruments for Toddlers-baby playing with toy musical instrument

If there are ‘real’ instruments in the home, children are most often kept away from them because of the risk of accidental damage (they are usually quite expensive, so it makes sense!).

Allowing children full access to their own version of the instruments opens up a ton of possibilities for them and encourages them to try them out.

11. Encourages Play and FUN!

Childhood is a time for learning, growing, and having FUN through a million different avenues of play. Using toy instruments is yet another avenue through which our children can explore, create, and develop into their best selves.

happy cartoon kids

Having a variety of instruments to try out will encourage them to experiment with various parts of their body (hands, arms, legs, mouth) while creating music with several diverse methods.

Keep in mind: a key player in children’s growth is when they enjoy it and have FUN! These are the moments they remember and the skills that will likely ‘stick’ for longer amounts of time.

12. Makes You Feel Happy!

It is exciting to try a new thing, such as playing with an instrument, and finding you really like it!

This could become one of your child’s ‘happy places,’ something they can turn to that is a sure-fire way of turning their day around.

Musical Instruments for Toddlers- smiling balloons

The joy of creating, wrapped up with the excitement of exploring, topped off with happiness in experimenting then explodes into a delightful display of success! You can only go up from here!

Be prepared to hear things like “Mom, Dad, listen to what I made up!” “I figured out how to play the song from (insert favorite movie)”

I hope you have seen the benefits and value toy musical instruments can potentially provide. Happy Playing!

Which toy instruments have your children played with? What would you recommend? Please share your comments below!

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10 thoughts on “What’s the Scoop on Toy Musical Instruments?”

  1. Heidi! What an interesting article! It is so true, your point about memory and music. I actually have never really thought about it in this way. I would say I DO NOT have a great memory, and yet I can sing along to every popular song on the radio and know every word! It is a powerful memory tool. I am definitely going to encourage this more with my children. Thanks so much!

    • That is great you could relate! Music really does affect all of us, more than we realize. Best of luck with teaching your children, I hope incorporating more music will be beneficial for them as well:)

  2. Great Article. I myself have 2 young children who are getting to that age where educational toys are very important. Your website provided me with a great insight.

    Thank you

  3. First off, i hated it when someone gifted my child a musical instrument! I could just imagine the noise that comes with it lol! Never looked at it in this perspective you just listed above. Thanks for sharing this great information. I will try to take a different perspective when it comes to musical instruments…But dang,arent they are loud hahaha.

    • Haha, that is true, they can be noisy- but there is a method to the madness! That is great you’ve gained a new perspective from the article. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. As an adult you can find these toys to be annoying, I myself have hid them and took the batteries out. If everyone had the knowledge that you just shared, as a parent, we would and should be more supportive of these types of toys. I had no idea all the benefits that this would have on children, Thanks

    • I’m glad this article has enlightened you! I know you are not alone in the battery confiscating haha. But I do hope to spread the word about the benefits of such toys!

  5. Hi Heidi, I actually did not know how important toy musical instruments were for children. My son has a little keyboard and he’s always playing some funny tunes and I have been keen on getting him some piano lessons, however I felt that he was far too young. However from this blog, I realize how important it is for him to develop good skills. In terms of recommendation, I think any type of instrument will do as long as a child has interest in it.

    • I agree, following the lead of your child’s interests is a great way to link them up with the types of musical toys they would enjoy and benefit the most from. I’d definitely recommend going with his interest in piano, that is a great place to start!


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